Apple Podcasts wants to let you know who has the most subscribers

Apple Podcasts subscriptions
Apple Podcasts subscriptions (Image credit: iMore)

Apple wants everyone to know who has the most subscribers on Apple Podcasts.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple has added two new categories to its top charts section of the Apple Podcasts app. The new sections, Top Subscriber Shows and Top Subscriber Channels, show off the podcasts that have the most paid subscribers through Apple Podcast Subscriptions, the company's recent service that allows podcasters to offer a paid subscription to some or all episodes of their show.

The full details of Top Subscriber Shows and Top Subscriber Channels, as explained by Apple, are below:

  • Top Subscriber Shows: Thousands of shows offer premium benefits through Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Top Subscriber Shows helps listeners discover these podcasts. Listeners can browse the top 100 shows included within a subscription. These include shows from all categories that offer exclusive content, early access to new episodes, bonus episodes, ad-free listening, and more premium experiences;
  • Top Subscriber Channels: Listeners can also discover great premium experiences through groups of shows called channels. Top Subscriber Channels features the top 100 channels with a subscription and two or more shows. The more that listeners engage with shows and episodes included within a subscription channel, the higher it ranks on this chart.

What are Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and Channels?

Launched last year, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions allows listeners to pay for premium access to their favorite shows. Channels allow brands to group their shows together so people can discover similar shows to ones they already love that they may also be interested in:

When listeners purchase a subscription to a show, they automatically follow the show and the page is updated with a Subscriber Edition label so they know they have access to the premium experience. Listeners can discover channels for their favorite podcasts from each show page and through Search, explore recommendations from the Listen Now and Browse tabs, and share channels using Messages, Mail, and other apps. As listeners subscribe to channels, the Listen Now tab expands with new rows that provide easy access to all of the content included in the channel and with their subscription. Listeners who subscribe to two or more channels will see a My Channels row in the Listen Now tab, where they can browse and follow all of the shows offered.

Top Subscriber Shows and Top Subscriber Channels are available to check out now in the Apple Podcasts app. Keep in mind that a subscriber is a paying customer in Apple Podcasts and most of us are simply followers instead.

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