Pokemon Go Dev Insights on Buddy AdventureSource: Niantic

What you need to know

  • Niantic released a Dev Insight today on the upcoming Buddy Adventure feature coming to Pokémon Go.
  • The Buddy Adventure feature promises to be all-encompassing, affecting every aspect of Pokémon Go.
  • In addition to encouraging players to interact with Pokémon Go in new and exciting ways, Buddy Adventure will be collaborative as well.

Today, Niantic tweeted about its latest Dev Insight, providing players with the first looks into the highly anticipated Buddy Adventure feature coming to Pokémon Go in 2020. This ambitious update coming to Pokémon Go promises to impact every aspect of gameplay, allowing players to really connect with their Pokémon. The Dev Insight was brimming with excitement the developers have about this new feature and the promises they make to players worldwide:

"Since launching Pokémon GO, this might be the most collaborative feature we have had with The Pokémon Company," shared Ryuta Hiroi, the lead Niantic product manager on the project. "Even with your phone in your pocket, you'll feel like your buddy is right beside you!"

The Buddy Adventure feature will allow players to interact with their buddy Pokémon, to learn more about how they eat and play, to feel more like these digital creatures are actual Pokémon. Each individual Pokémon species has been thoroughly explored and developed for this feature, taking into account things like Exeggcute's six heads or Alolan Exeggutor's massive height. The feature will allow players to collaborate together as well, letting three different trainers bring their buddy Pokémon together for an expanded AR experience. While the update did not include a release date for this new feature, it certainly included a lot of excitement and promise. The tweet also included a trailer for the feature chock full of nostalgia as a young boy with his Squirtle plushie grows into a young man with his Pokémon Go buddy Squirtle.

It's looking as though 2020 will be another exciting year for Pokémon Go and we cannot wait to take that journey with you!