Is the Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack worth it?

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image credit: Nintendo)

Is the Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack worth it?

Best answer: No, the Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack isn't worth it simply because it costs the same amount if you purchased them separately, and it does not contain any bonuses for buying them together.Bundled up: Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack ($120 at Amazon)Unsheathe your sword: Pokémon Sword ($60 at Amazon)Take up your shield: Pokémon Shield ($60 at Amazon)

What are the benefits of purchasing the Double Pack as opposed to each game individually?

From the looks of it so far, there's nothing special about the Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack that Nintendo has announced, at least in America. All it does is include both games bundled up in your purchase. There are no bonuses or rewards for purchasing the Double Pack known at this time, and it's not even being offered for any savings. It's $120, which is exactly what you'd be paying if you bought each game individually. It's a nice package for fans who want both versions, but it's really nothing more than that.

However, during the announcement of this bundle, the UK Pokémon stream gave us a glimpse of a golden steelbook that will be included, but it is unknown if that will be available in all regions.

So I should purchase them separately then?

If you're a hardcore fan and want both games so you can brag to your friends and catch every Pokémon exclusive to each version, it doesn't matter whether you buy the Double Pack or opt for purchasing both separately. As I mentioned earlier, you're getting the same exact product for the same exact price. Purchasing the Double Back is just a matter of convenience for those who want both games in one package.

This may change if we come to find out that the golden steelbook shown in the UK stream is available in regions worldwide. It's a small addition, but it's still an addition nonetheless.

Does the Double Pack have any special pre-order bonuses?

Again, it doesn't look like it. This may vary from retailer to retailer, but so far the Double Pack just comes as it is.

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