The Pokémon of the Year has been announced!

Pokémon Day 2020
Pokémon Day 2020 (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Pokémon Day has arrived and The Pokémon Company has announced the Pokémon of the Year.
  • The top ten contenders were announced February 27, 2020 via the Official Pokémon Youtube.
  • And the Winner is: Greninja, the Ninja Pokémon!

Today, February 27, 2020, is Pokémon Day and among all the festivities across the Pokémon world, the Pokémon of the Year has been announced. For those who missed it, The Pokémon Company asked that Pokémon fans all around the world help choose this year's Pokémon of the Year. For ten days earlier this month, fans could select their favorite Pokémon from each generation once a day. The votes have been tallied and the results are finally here!

The runners up for Pokémon of the Year are:

  • Gengar: coming in at number ten is Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. This Gen I Ghost and Poison type has a Mega Evolution and a Gigantamax form.
  • Gardevoir: coming in at number nine is Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokémon. This Psychic and Fairy type was introduced in Gen III, although it didn't get its secondary type until Gen VI. It is one of two final forms of Ralts and can Mega Evolve too!
  • Rayquaza: coming in at number eight is the Sky High Pokémon, Rayquaza. Rayquaza is a Legendary Dragon and Flying type, as well as the first Pokémon to ever Mega Evolve.
  • Garchomp: coming in at number seven is Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon. Garchomp is a pseudo-Legendary Dragon and Ground type from Gen IV who can Mega Evolve.
  • Sylveon: coming in at number six is the Intertwining Pokémon, Sylveon. One of Eevee's many "Eeveelutions", Sylveon is a pure Fairy type that was introduced in Gen VI.
  • Umbreon: coming in at number five is another "Eeveelution", Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon. Umbreon is Eevee's Dark type Evolution introduced in Gen II.
  • Charizard: number four should come as no surprise, Charizard, the Flame Pokémon is the final evolution of the Gen I starter Pokémon Charmander.
  • Mimikyu: the number three slot goes to Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon. Introduced in Gen VII, this Ghost and Fairy type is best known for its hatred of Pikachu.
  • Lucario: second place goes to Lucario, the Aura Pokémon. This Fighting and Steel type was introduced in Gen IV and had its own movie: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, as well as an awesome Mega Evolution.

And the winner is:

Pokemon 658 Greninja (Image credit: The Pokémon Company)

Greninja, the Ninja Pokémon! The final evolution of the Gen VI starter, Froakie, Greninja is a Water and Dark type Pokémon with a most unusual special form: Ash-Greninja. One of the companion Pokémon to Ash, the main protagonist of the Pokémon TV shows and movies, the Ash-Greninja form was proof of the strength of the bond between Ash and his Greninja!

You can see the official announcement here:

Did your favorite Pokémon make the list? Are you excited that Greninja won? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex as well as all our Pokémon Day news!

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