AirTag KeychainSource: Joe Keller / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's AirTag tracker has been on sale for a week and seems popular.
  • Will you be buying one to track your stuff?

Apple's AirTag item tracker has been on sale for a week or so now and it's proven popular among those who have already picked one – or a few – up. Tracking keys, luggage, and more using a little white puck is something people seem more than happy to pay $29 for, but are you?

With AirTag having finally shipped and the initial feedback generally positive, we want to know whether you plan on adding an AirTag to your collection. Is there space in your life for an AirTag, perhaps? You don't even need to be someone who loses their stuff a ton because it's worth the $29 asking price if you lose your keys just once. So why not?

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Below is a simple poll – Are you planning to buy Apple's AirTag? Click yes if you are or, if you're an early adopter, already have one. Click no if you just don't see the need or, perhaps, you're a fan of a competing product instead. You get the gist.

Anyone who isn't getting an AirTag should probably check out our collection of the best Bluetooth trackers as well. There are plenty to choose from!