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Poll: How do you access YouTube on your iPhone and iPad now?

Since it looks like Apple's YouTube app is going the way of the Dodo with IOS 6, and we'll all be left to use's mobile site to get our video fixes until Google can put out a YouTube app of their own, I started wondering how many of us use the YouTube app to begin with?

Do you use the current YouTube app a lot and does this move upset you? Did you long ago switch to the more feature-rich if not always as natively functional site, so you're good? Or do you simply not use YouTube?

Vote in the poll above, comment in the comments below, and let me know -- how big a deal is Apple dumping the built-in YouTube app on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad?

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  • It's not a big deal. The app never gets updated, except for iOS 4.2 when they changed the rating system to likes and dislikes. It's about time it gets updated to be on its own. As long as its not a webview, that'll be good.
  • App never gets updated? We don't have an app per se for iOS. Personally, I don't go on youtube much anyways. If I need a video or if I want to rip some audio I use Firefox on the desktop with an app that rips the video or audio then I convert into an iOS format and transfer it via iTunes. I think Apple has a hidden agenda with the removal of Youtube. I can see no harm to keep it there. I believe this all for politcal reasons. Apple wants to move away completely from Google. I dont know why they didnt do so while Jobs was still alive. Maybe it was one of his last wishes. My only concern, given this trend is Apple going to do something about Gmail or will Google cripple Gmail for iOS in retaliation?
  • yeah i agree. And that's the one google thing i can't do without. I have personal and a business oriented direct email and both are on google. And both i've had for a long time. the google one maybe 7 years or so. I really have zero interest in changing it and long lost people have it and know they can reach me their even after many years. but yeah i agree they are trying to move away. i'm sure the fanboys love this sort of stuff but as someone that doesn't care about such pettiness i just want my stuff to work. I got a pc running windows, a iphone, and i use gmail. Sorry i'm not all in one world you know. (though i'm thinking of a macbook air in my future lol).
  • Feature-wise, iOS users will be better off. That app doesn't keep up with the website, Google will do it better. Wonder what the ad-revenue share agreement will be. Apple can use that to pay legal fees to sue Google device makers for patent infringment... ;-)
  • I like the new videos list on the App, so I use it, but for my channel when on the go the mobile site offers some better access, though even that is pretty limited.
  • I use the jailbreak app ProTube HD on my iPad and ProTube on my iPhone.
  • so...if the youtube app is gone on iOS, what is going to happen to the youtube app on Apple TV's version of iOS. I don't use the app on my iPhone much, but on the Apple TV, I use youtube all the time, its not like there is a browser on an unjailbroken ATV, so how could we access videos on there, airplay only?
  • Damned good question. I will hold off on any future updates until we get a good answer. Sadly, someone in my household may forget or accidentally tap the (future but) ever-present update option as has happened before.
  • People still have time for Youtube?
  • Yup. And for asking rhetorical questions on tech sites.
  • ProTube anytime.(Jailbreak App)
    otherwise youtube app. hate the mobile view
  • YouTube is a valuable product. is much better. A good example of the value, I needed a music interface for the computer. Reviews can not always help. I can see several products on YouTube in action, and make a better decision. You need to fix something? There is usually a video on YouTube how to do it. I am also wondering how apple tv will address the issue. It is time to add web browsing via safari on apple tv. Never understood why they never did that.
  • YouTube app for me. I don't know why people say the app doesn't even stream HD video, cause to me it does (maybe the iPad 3 helps?). I only use it only on my iPad 3 and only to watch videos. Comments, likes and all that stuff are blah to me, so i will hold off on iOS 6 until there is a Jailbreak since the only thing worthy on iOS 6 for iPad are Siri and Maps. I never use YouTube on the iPhone so I won't miss it there.
  • the youtube app i don't really use i just go to! i don't really care if you take it off cause its not big of a deal . if apple would of started witout the youtube app it would of been the same. the youtube app is just a shortcut to kind of. you can just go to and add to homescreen!