The iTunes team at Apple has put together three new lists of movies, TV shows, and books carefully crafted to appeal to the pop-culture enthusiasts, #millennials, and tech-obsessed in our lives. Whether you want to count down the days of Hanukah, last minute Christmas gifts, or simply need to to curl up with a hot beverage and some cool entertainment, there's a ton of great stuff here to suit every taste. So, what made the lists?

Pop-culture junkies


Gadget geeks

Typically, when my family comes to town for the holidays, after we've watched Die Hard, Elf, and the rest of the classics, we turn to iTunes for things we haven't seen before. More than a few of the things on this list have already made that list for me and mine. If there's anything you recommend for your pops, millennials, and geeks, let me know!

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