Newton On Iphone Dark ModeSource: CloudMagic

What you need to know

  • Popular email app Newton continues its phoenix-like rise from the ashes.
  • It just gained a new dark mode for improved battery life and it's aesthetic AF.
  • Bug fixes and a plan for the future are also noteworthy.

Earlier this year we heard that popular email app Newton was coming back from the dead. And it did, but not without its problems. Years of neglect left it in need of some TLC and that's now happening. The latest example of that is a new round of updates that bring dark mode but, more importantly, a future. Newton is going to be on the App Store for a good long while now.

After picking up Newton following its slow and messy demise, the people behind the app needed to get a team together and then get to work. That's now happened, with dark mode being the first big new feature. And it's just the start.

After building up the team from scratch, including our wonderful support team, we have slowly progressed towards gaining an understanding of millions of lines of Newton code and the complexities involved.

We approached our first release by focusing on fixing major issues all the apps had across platforms. We also took on feature requests that were most requested by community members like the dark mode. This approach helped developers time to get familiar with the codebase.

With eight developers now working on Newton, it's going to continue to get updates, too. There's a better privacy policy on the way and a hefty list of features to go with it.

  • Mail Templates
  • Link Receipts
  • Share emails via URL
  • Quote Email Text
  • Pinned emails, and
  • Tracking feed

You can download the updated Newton directly from the App Store right now. It's free, too.

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