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What you need to know

  • JoyJoy is available via GameClub.
  • The twin-stick shooter was huge back in 2014.
  • It's as fun as ever.

If you're a fan of twin-stick shooters you're probably very aware of JoyJoy. It was big on the App Store back in 2014 but as with so many games from that era, it went away. But developer Luke Schneider of Radiangames has allowed the folks at GameClub to bring it back.

We've spoken about GameClub and why it's so awesome before, and JoyJoy is a great example of that. This is a game that would never have made its return to the App Store without GameClub. And now a whole new generation of gamers can enjoy it.

JoyJoySource: iMore

Enjoy what, you ask? Twin-stick shooting at its very best. That's what.

Harkening back to the classics of the twin-stick shooting genre, Joy Joy offers up pure action satisfaction. It's just you, the arena, an assortment of weapons, and more enemies than you can shake a vulcan cannon at. Swap between six different guns on the fly and choose the right weapon for each situation. Charge up your Ultra Attack to unleash the devastating power of each of your offensive skills and send a pile of your foes to the scrapyard in one fell swoop.

Battle dozens of swarms of aggressive attackers in Waves Mode or dive into the Challenges Mode to take on specially-tuned tests of your shooting skills. Collect a variety of power-ups that will increase the power of your weapons, give you a temporary helping hand, or improve the parameters of your ship. Rack up the highest score you can and compare your best runs with those of your friends. Get into the zone and discover the joy that comes from staying one step ahead in this intense action experience.

You've got to admit that sounds amazing, right? The whole thing can be played with a controller or touch controls if that's your bag, too.

You can play JoyJoy now, but you'll need the $4.99 per month GameClub subscription first. I'd heartily recommend it, too. There are some truly great games available.

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