A portrait of Canadian optimism and diversity by artists and Apple

I wasn't born in Canada but I'm Canadian. The land, from Pacific to Atlantic, from the frozen north to the American border against which we huddle for warmth, has shaped the way I think not only about myself but about the incredible diversity of the people around me. So too every Canadian.

We're not perfect. We struggle. We fall down. We face challenges. But just like on the ice, we scramble back up and brace for the next struggle, the next challenge together, as a team.

That's why we celebrate Confederation Day — Canada Day — on July 1st. To remind ourselves of who we are, how we got here, and where we're going next. The glory, the ugly, the true north, strong and free. And this year Apple is celebrating along with us.

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From Apple.com:

Apple has enlisted three Canadian artists to help capture the inclusive and optimistic character of their country in A Portrait of Canada, a short film shot on iPhone and released today. Humble the Poet, photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and First Nations band A Tribe Called Red contributed their words, images and music. Their work was combined with photos shot by iPhone users across Canada.

Humble the Poet writes and performs original words that speak to Canada's progressive ideals. "Canada now represents an unparalleled freedom. We're not simply tolerant, we celebrate and live diversity on our own terms," says Humble. "We are each unique, and it's that individuality that is our common thread, connecting us to something greater than ourselves. I'm inspired by the moment we're in as a country, and as a people. My words are my contribution."Caitlin Cronenberg's images and video embody the beauty and diversity of the nation. "My vision as a professional photographer, and as a Canadian, was to personally seek out and explore the stories of this vast country through the unique lens of iPhone. We saw the people, we met the people, we shot the people and places."

The film is set to the track "Suplex featuring Northern Voice" by A Tribe Called Red, who incorporate musical traditions from their First Nations heritage into contemporary styles. "We feel it's so important to be present and involved in this mainstream conversation around inclusivity," says Ian Campeau, a member of the group. "Our roots, our differences and our history are important as we establish a new day for the relationship between Indigenous Nations and Canada."

More than a heritage moment it's a heritage vision. And, thanks to technology like iPhone and iPad and Mac, it's something that any Canadian can shoot and share themselves. From the forests of British Columbia, to the great plains of Manitoba, to the towers of Ontario, to the seaways of Montreal, to the coasts of the Maritimes.

Every Canadian celebrates our great nation not only together but in a way that's uniquely their own. This year, take inspiration from Humble the Poet, Caitlin Cronenberg's photography, and the First Nations music of A Tribe Called Red, grab an iPhone or iPad and show us how you celebrate being Canadian.

Happy Canada Day to those here at home and those who share the spirit of Canada around the world.

Rene Ritchie

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