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ProOnGo Expense with receipt reader is a universal app for iPhone and iPad that will easily track your expenses for you. It uses image capture to import information from receipts or you can manually enter details. The app currently supports regular, time, and mileage expenses. You have several options when it comes time to export your receipts and reports - including Excel, CSV, Quickbooks, and more.

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The app will come with 10 receipt reads to start. From there you can purchase credits on your account. You can purchase 30 receipt reads for 2.99/month or 50 receipt reads for 4.99/month. The prices are reasonable but the pricing model to me is a little tedious. I'd like to eventually see ProOnGo implement a monthly and yearly model where you pay a set fee and get unlimited reads. This is the only thing I didn't particularly care for as I think some people may prefer an unlimited option. (Update: As of writing this, ProOnGo was not advertising an unlimited plan, but there is now one being rolled out to businesses, so if you're looking for that, it IS an option.)

When it comes to the main features of the app, it couldn't be any simpler. Receipts can be entered manually or via image capture. If users prefer not to buy credits, they can always choose to manually enter expenses for free instead of using imager capture. As an accountant, I think the image capture is worth the money as you'll always have proof of your expenses if you ever need it.

One feature I really like is credit card sync. You can enter and store credit card info (I prefer manually entering credit card info opposed to storing my info when I need to sync for extra security) and the app will bring down your purchases from that account. The app currently only supports sync with American Express. I'd really like to see support for other cards as well. Most large businesses may use AmEx but smaller businesses may not. I think this app could be invaluable for smaller businesses as it's an extremely easy and non-expensive way to manage and track expenses. I know I use one of my personal cards right now for business expenses for our repair service and development company, but that card isn't an AmEx.

Expense reports couldn't be easier to compile either. The app simply does it for you and emails you the report. Just choose the format you prefer and click send. It supports almost every major report format. I'd like to see native PeachTree support added as several Sage users may prefer native file types as they are more import friendly. PeachTree will import some of the file types options. It may just need a bit of cleaning up.

You can also view graphs and charts on the go of your expense trends, which is a nice bonus. It's nice to have a quick snapshot of how your expenses have fluctuated over a several month time period.

Overall, ProOnGo Expense is an extremely intuitive app and a great tool for users who don't want to spend a ton to manage their expenses. If you've used this app or something similar, let us know your thoughts in the comments! Any features you'd like to see added?


  • Several export formats supported (Excel, QB Pro, CSV, XML, & PayServ)
  • Graphs show instant snapshots of report trends
  • Reasonable prices for the amount of functionality offered


  • Pricing model can be a bit tedious and confusing
  • Credit card sync only supports AmEx
  • No landscape mode on iPad version
  • Syncing from device to device is manual, sometimes confusing

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