Quell your Spotify Wrapped jealousy with Apple Music Replay

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Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay (Image credit: Apple)

So Spotify Wrapped is here, and Twitter is awash with literally hundreds of thousands of users taking trips down memory lane, as they reminisce over the last decade of music and their Spotify listening history. Yes, that's right, December and Hogmanay revelry will usher in not only the dawn of a new year but also the end of a decade. Terrifying.

Over on Twitter, for every user taking joy in their Spotify Wrapped gift of musical memories this holiday season, there is an Apple Music user gazing longingly through the window of the internet at the joy inside Spotify's front room.


But despair no more. You could absolutely be forgiven for not knowing that Apple very quietly released its own musical memory service just a few short weeks ago. Apple Music Replay is a service like Spotify Wrapped, but not quite...

If you're an Apple Music user, head on over to Apple's Music's Web player (currently still in beta). If you head to beta.music.apple.com/replay you'll see an enticing blue button that says "Get Your Replay Mix". Click it! (You'll need to be signed in with your Apple ID)

Once you've hit the button, Apple Music will compile your top 100 most-played songs into one mammoth playlist. It will also give you a nice breakdown of your top listened-to artists and albums. Now of course, Apple Music hasn't existed for a decade, so sadly you can't go back that far (Spotify wins this round), but you will also get a Replay playlist for some previous years also (mine goes back as far as 2015). These playlists will become available in Apple Music for you to listen to and play on all your Apple Music-enabled devices. Your friends can even add your playlists to their libraries, and keep up to date with what you listen to throughout the year. The Replay playlists are updated every Sunday!

Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay (Image credit: Screenshot: Apple)

Now like I said, yes, Spotify Wrapped has Apple Music Replay beaten out in terms of scale (it has a decade of data to divulge), and Wrapped added another string to its bow with podcasts this year, but, if you're out there on the Twittersphere and Spotify Wrapped is getting you down, why not take Apple Music Replay for a spin and share some of the fun this holiday season?

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