Quick App: Earthworm Jim Blasts its Way Onto the iPhone

Earthworm Jim [$4.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)], an iPhone and iPod touch remake of the classic Sega and Nintendo game of the same name, has just landed in the App Store.

Confession: I was a huge Earthworm Jim fan back in the day. The animation sold me instantly, and that animation looks just as good on the iPhone. I'm downloading it now. If anyone else gives it a try, especially old-school fans, let us know what you think.

Rene Ritchie

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  • Awesome! I used to love playing this game on my SNES :)
  • I bought it and I like it a lot. Haven't really had time to sit down and play it, but the control work reasonably well. Looks like they added an autoaim feature which makes things a whole lot easier. Graphics look to be completely redone as well.
  • God I remember this from my childhood.
  • I was always more of a ToeJam & Earl fan myself...but this looks pretty cool!
  • Wow, watching that really takes me back! That game was a blast :)
  • I'm waiting for super mario bros.!!! Lol
  • This is a GREAT port!
  • I'm pumped, but I cant seem to find this on App store
  • never mind, search just took forever. fyi wifi required DL
  • Jazz Jackrabbit!
    But this looks cool too!
  • Loved this game and will install eventually.
    Having noticed that this was done by Interplay, which I'm hoping is still 'in the game', I'm REEEEEALLYY hoping for a Descent port to iPhone.
    That was one of my favorite games on PC and would be so much fun with the accelerometer!
  • Descent would be awesome.
  • Great game!! Brought back so many memories, worth every penny. Love it!!!
  • this app > amazing. :)
  • Any chance this will be released for Palm Pre webOS?? Please??? I totally got to have this game!! Woot-woot, man!