Rdio for iOS updated with proper support for iOS 7, finally!

Rdio already looked great on iOS 7 to begin with, except for some basic design elements such as the keyboard interface. These minor annoyances have finally been addressed in the 2.5.4 update along with a new look for profile pages, a sleep timer option, and some other visual tweaks and enhancements.

Being a daily Rdio user, I've been rather frustrated waiting for a proper iOS 7 update and I'm glad to see they finally came through. Things like old keyboard layouts stick out like a sore thumb and I've personally been a little baffled that it took Rdio this long to pull out an update. Visually not much else has changed except profile layouts. Most likely because it really didn't need to. Even without proper support, I still named Rdio one of the best iOS 7 ready apps for iPhone. Call it cheating if you will, but I still think it's one of the most visually appealing apps available in any category. Most of the gradients and design choices already match iOS 7 perfectly.

The only other new feature that was introduced in 2.5.4 is a sleep timer option that allows you to set playback to stop after a certain time. You can choose increments between 15 minutes and two hours.

If you aren't already an Rdio user, you can try Rdio Unlimited free for two weeks. If you decide not to subscribe, you can still listen to radio stations free. Rdio's library features over 20 million tracks and is available in many countries across the world. Unlike many other streaming services, there's no limit of how much music you can store for offline listening. If you have the storage available, it's all you can eat. That's mainly what attracted me to the service in the first place.

Given Rdio's recent move to offer free streaming stations, and Spotify quickly following suit, a lot is changing in the streaming arena. In order to compete with Apple's free iTunes Radio offering, it's got to. I was personally hoping for a little more feature wise in the next Rdio update but for now I'll settle for proper iOS 7 support.

Rdio users, what do you think of the update? Not enough or do you think the service matches that of its competitors already? If you happen to try out Rdio for the first time, let us know what you think!

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