Rdio is an on-demand music streaming service available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With on-demand streaming services like Rdio, not only can you play stations and discover music, you can also build your own collection and save tracks for offline listening. This makes it vastly different from streaming radio services such as Pandora or iTunes Radio, which don't feature offline or on-demand playback. Rdio currently streams at an average of 192 kbps but has plans to upgrade to 320 kbps in the near future, which will help the service cater to even the largest audiophiles in the near future.

Most people that choose Rdio over competing services such as Spotify or Beats Music do so because of the clean interface and the great experience the iPhone and iPad apps offer. With one of the best designs around, the Rdio apps for both iPhone and iPad offer a great browsing experience. Rdio also offers a native Mac app that gives you the same access to your Rdio account that the iPhone, iPad, and browser versions offer. The Mac app features the same great design the iPhone and iPad apps offer. Rdio is also fully supported and integrated into the Sonos apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

You can stream radio stations, playlists, and albums from any of Rdio's app offerings completely free of charge. If you want the ability to save tracks for offline playback as well as search and listen to any song, album, or artist on demand just as you would from the built in Music app on your iPhone or iPad, subscriptions start at $9.99 and go up from there. Rdio also offers discounts on student and family pack subscriptions.

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