Pandora is a streaming radio service available for both the iPhone and iPad (not to be confused with on-demand style music locker services). Pandora focuses more on music discovery and curation. For folks who don't like to listen to the same things and prefer a more traditional radio like experience, Pandora is one of the best options currently available. By liking or disliking songs, Pandora gets to know your tastes and will play music that it thinks you'll enjoy. The more information you give Pandora, the smarter it gets.

Basic radio streaming through Pandora is completely free. You can create up to 100 radio stations based on your favorite artists, songs, and albums. The basic model of Pandora is also ad supported and only provides so many track skips at a time. Pandora's paid subscription model, Pandora One, currently costs $3.99 per month. Paid subscribers enjoy an ad free experience along with even more skips per hour and unlimited stations. Other features of the Pandora for iPhone and iPad app include bookmarks which allow you to save tracks you really like so you can either purchase them on your own or start a station based on them. You can also tell Pandora when you're tired of a track so it doesn't keep looping it into a playlist you're listening to.

Apple recently released their own radio streaming service, iTunes Radio, to compete with offerings such as Pandora. Both services focus on providing a curated listening experience while encouraging users to actually buy the content they like instead of rent it, which is what services such as Rdio, Spotify, and Beats Music offer.

Aside from providing a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad, Pandora also provides a free Mac app for Pandora One subscribers, web listening, integration with Sonos, support for the Pebble smart watch, and integration with many more platforms and services.

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