Craig Federighi Source: Apple

What you need to know

  • A young aspiring developer has taken to Reddit after he received an email from Craig Federighi.
  • User u/Aedengeo emailed the Apple exec with some suggestions for iOS 14, and asked if Craig had any advice.
  • In his response, Federighi listed dedication to study, breadth of interest, working with great people and following your heart as important.

A young aspiring developer who wrote an email to Craig Federighi has taken to Reddit, after Federighi surprised him with a response.

Aeden wrote to Federighi with some suggestions and feedback for iOS 14, but also asked:

Craig, do you have any advices for young aspirants whose dream is to become a Programmer in companies like Apple?"

Aeden says that he never expected to recieve a reply, but Craig was more than happy to supply some life lesssons.

In the response he said:

There are many different roads to this destination... I think the following were important for me: -Dedicate yourself to your studies - there's so much knowledge available to you in University - take advantage of this special opportunity. -Go broad and deep. You need to be an expert in your area of specialization, but inspiration comes from tapping other disciplines. Also, engineering and design are team activities, so find opportunities to continue your development in written and spoken communication. -Work with great people. My greatest learnings have come from working around people whose work I admire. -Follow your heart. Several times along the way I was forced to choose between options that looked good "on paper" (i.e to my analytical mind) and opportunities that "felt right." Listening to my heart ultimately paid off in ways I couldn't have anticipated at the time.

Hope this helps! -Craig

Of course, this isn't the first time Craig has responded to emails from the public. Last month, in a reply to an email he confirmed to one user that Apple had considered a scheduling feature in iMessage. And he told someone else that Apple Music's lyric visualizer was on its way with iOS 13.1. Still, the email response to Aeden is a great gesture, and real show of kindness.