Report: Apple Car to feature integrated OS like Tesla

Tesla Model 3 Interior
Tesla Model 3 Interior (Image credit: Tesla)

What you need to know

  • Apple Car rumors continue to swirl.
  • A new report says the vehicle will feature a centrally integrated operating system like Tesla.
  • It will also benefit from self-driving sensors made in Korea.

A new report claims Apple Car will feature a centrally integrated operating system like Tesla and self-driving sensors made in Korea.

A paywalled Digitimes report states:

Apple's electric car, the Apple Car, will adopt a centrally integrated operating system (OS) like Tesla, and The Korean factory will assist in the development of the self-driving sensor part of the Domain Control Unit (DCU).

The news could indicate that Apple Car will feature an integrated operating system, perhaps similar to its current iOS and iPadOS software, with a hint of CarPlay thrown in. This makes perfect sense given Apple's focus on combining hardware and software into one inextricably linked product in other areas where it operates including on its best iPhones such as the iPhone 13.

In its own vehicles, Tesla runs a custom version of Linux powered by an Intel Atom Processor. The central control unit handles navigation, and entertainment including audio and games, cameras, and more. Given that the Apple Car is expected to rival Tesla in lots of key areas (by being an electric vehicle with autonomous driving), it sounds like Apple may adopt a similar type of operating system-controlled experience.

On autonomous driving, the report says Apple will use self-driving sensors developed in Korea that will for part of the car's Domain Control Unit.

The most recent Apple Car report indicates that Apple needs to reorganize its team internally if it wants to meet its goal of mass production by 2025.

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