AirPower renderSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple is once again said to be working on an AirPower-like multi-device charger.
  • Reports of Apple working to bring reverse wireless charging to iPhones and iPads continue.
  • AirPower was announced and then ditched before it was ever released.

Apple could still get an AirPower-like multi-device charger out and into the market at some point in the future, according to a new report. Although it isn't immediately clear whether that's based on a source inside Apple or a gut feeling.

AirPower was announced in 2017 but never actually shipped, with Apple eventually canning the product. It was announced alongside iPhone X, but here we are with iPhone 13 in our hands and Apple is still to revisit the project, creating a device that can charge multiple devices at the same time. Instead, it appears to be letting Belkin do the job for it. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, writing in his Power On newsletter, he believes AirPower could live on in some shape or form/

I do think Apple is still working on some sort of multi-device charger that it intends to eventually release. There's a reason why it planned to launch the device in the first place in 2017.

That seems plausible, although the length of time that has passed does suggest Apple might be happier to leave Belkin and other third-party manufacturers to plug the hole left by AirPower.

The same report also claims that Apple is working on a reverse charging solution that would see "an iPad charging an iPhone and then that iPhone charging AirPods or an Apple Watch." iPhones have been rumored to have reverse charging built in for a number of years now — but so far, it hasn't happened.

Could next year's iPhone 14 finally let us charge our AirPods using our iPhones for the first time? That truly would make it the best iPhone ever!