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  • The Nintendo Switch has been facing supply issues, with limited quanitities available for months on end.
  • Nintendo's supply chain has reportedly recovered from the pandemic, and Nintendo is greatly increasing Switch production for end of year.
  • Nintendo's new goal is as much as 30 million new units this fiscal year, taking advantage of continued high demand.
  • This demand has been spurred by people staying at home, and also the success of several Nintendo games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In a new report coming from Bloomberg, Nintendo is supposedly ramping up production of their Nintendo Switch console after months of reduced supplies and shaky availability at retailers. Complications arising from the ongoing pandemic led to issues with Nintendo's supply chain, but these are all apparently resolved now and Nintendo is operating at full capacity. To respond to continued demand, Nintendo wants to massively increase the number of consoles they're building going into the holiday season.

According to the report, Nintendo had already increased production to 25 million units this fiscal year in August, but discovered that it still wasn't enough to meet the pent up demand from the pandemic and early holiday shoppers. Nintendo has reportedly increased production again to a supposed 30 million units this fiscal year, which is a big increase and should mean a successful holiday season for the gaming giant.

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Success for the Nintendo Switch this year can likely be directly attributed to factors like people staying at home and playing video games more, and also people being drawn in by some of the best Nintendo Switch games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which saw unbelievably high sales and drew in tons of new casual players to the Nintendo Switch. A continued focus on fantastic first and third-party games coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as new rumored hardware upgrades for 2021 means Nintendo is posed to have a very successful few years.

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