Rose gold Apple Watch Sport in pictures

This fall Apple has added two new finishes to the Apple Watch Sport case collection: anodized gold and rose gold. Not to be confused with the 18K yellow and rose gold casings of the Apple Watch Edition collection, these are less intense, closer to champagne and rosé, and meant to match the finishes of the iPhone 6s. I've been testing the new rose gold Apple Watch Sport for a few days now, and pairing it with a variety of bands. Here's how it looks so far.

So, yes, rose gold comes off as metallic pink in most lighting conditions. Sometimes sliver, sometimes gold, sometimes copper, mostly pink. Know that going in. Otherwise, the finish is great up close. It carries through every detail, including the watch face and digital crown, the back of the casing around the heart rate sensor, and even the pin on the stone-colored sport band it came paired with.

The stone sport band is the standard pairing for the 42mm rose gold Apple Watch Sport. (The 38mm comes with a lavender sport band). While there's no special clock face the way there is for the Apple Watch Hermès, there is a special color for the clock face: rose gold, of course. It's most apparent on the Modular and Color faces.

Midnight blue is another new sport band color this fall. The one available separately comes with a stainless steel pin, not the gold pin of the paired version, but it still looks great. Not quite as great as the 18k rose gold and midnight blue classic leather buckle that's new to the Edition collection, but more than close enough given the difference in price.

If sport bands aren't your thing, the leather loop bands look terrific as well. That's because the color goes all the way over the lugs, there's no concern of stainless steel clashing with the rose gold. Although there's a new midnight blue leather loop that I'm sure would look terrific, the original blue leather loop looks pretty great as well.

If you prefer black to blue, the ridges and texture of the black leather loop really sets off the smoother grain of rose gold Apple Watch Sport as well.

The same holds true with the space black steel link bracelet. But this time you're setting off the rose gold with something that looks akin to dragon scales.

If you have a rose gold iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6s Plus like I do, then the colors match really well. Because the shapes are different, the light doesn't always hit them the same, so the exact coloration and reflection patterns can vary, but not by much.

Overall I like the look more than I expected too. The 18k rose gold Apple Watch Edition has always been stunning. The anodized rose gold Apple Watch Sport is that not, but it doesn't pale completely by comparison either.

Instead the rose gold Apple Watch Sport manages to be its own things, matches the new iPhone 6s look, and otherwise prides an incredible amount of sophistication at a far more affordable price.

Rene Ritchie

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  • That has to be the most hideous looking smartwatch out there. Take some shots with it beside the Moto 360 2nd gen and you will see what I mean and no I'm not an android fanboy im iPhone and Mac all the way but the Apple Watch is awful looking. I bought it hoping it would be something great apart from looks so glad I sold it. If apple make a round face I'm back in but one thing is for sure I won't be buying pink cough cough I mean rose gold.
  • And the Moto almost 360 with its stupid flat tire is beautiful? Just because it's round? If I want a round watch I will just buy a traditional analog watch.
  • good for you. I'm delighted for you.
  • Taste is subjective. Everyone can and will like different things. Objectively, round faces are terrible for computer interfaces. Just like an iPhone doesn't look like a 1950s Bell banana-shaped handset, and a car doesn't look like a horse, a smartwatch doesn't need to look round. Now if someone comes up with a fully round interface, maybe one day it could work. For now, Apple's one of the few not sacrificing function for form. Objectively. How weird is that?
  • Perfect! I had all the android smartwatches and Apple did it best! I've sold more Apple Watches at my job than all the android smartwatches (including pebbles) in less than a month than all of my time selling smartwatches (for android). Reason? Aside from the functionality, because of the looks... most seem to enjoy the square. It's different. Not traditional. I'm glad they didn't go with the round-face.
  • Personally I think the Apple Watch's round interfaces are the best ones - eg Weather, Contacts, Activity. On a device where you want to get things done in 5 seconds, it's better to see all the options laid out and select using a rotary picker or similar UI. The scrolling lists of Workout and endless swiping of Glances takes too long and you essentially can't see where you're going. Heck, the Remote app makes you scroll through "lists" of sources even if there's only 2 to choose from.
  • Rose gold color really looks varied and stunning. as for best looking or worst looking smart watch, completely subjective. personally I love the look of my apple watch more with each passing day, and I've had it since july.
  • Looks really hot ... Feeling bad that I didn't go for the rose gold 6s+ when I had the chance during pre orders.
  • No photo with the milanese loop?
  • I have the 38mm in rose gold and I just picked up the Milanese loop. They look cool together. The Milanese loop is not super shiny, so it looks nice with the aluminum.
  • I didn't include any bands with stainless steel lugs but I can add them if people are interested.
  • None of the pics show up in the iOS app. This has happened a lot recently. Sent from the iMore App
  • It looks really nice but it's more of a Copper than a Rose Gold to me.
  • No hetro male would be caught dead wearing a pink watch.
  • I'm tempted to say gender-based stereotypes are so 1980s, but apparently even back then most people had gotten over their own hangups. So I'll just say best there is, best there was, best there ever will be.
  • Personally, I think the aluminum rose gold is VERY pink in person. I definitely see it being more for women. But that's just my opinion. If guys want to rock it, I say go for it. Life is too short.
  • I'm really glad to see these pics. I've been thinking of a blue leather loop for my rose gold sport, but I didn't know how it'd look. Now I do. The black also looks really good.
  • I originally went with the black loop but the blue won me over. It seems to have just a bit more depth to the overall look.
  • I don't really like the rose gold color, silver Apple Watch is much nicer imo :) Sent from the iMore App
  • @ultravisitor Agreed. The deep/dark blue seems to fit it best, and it's thus no surprise that the black strap works as well. From a male wearer's perspective and taste.
  • Not a fan of the Rose Gold. Of all the Apple Watch materials, it seems to me the Stainless Steel or the Regular Aluminum has the most flexibility for bands.
  • Stainless steel by virtue of matching the most lugs.
  • Not for me but picked up the rose gold Sport with lavender sport band for my wife this weekend when her Garmin Vivosmart bit the dust. She wasn't too enamoured with the original color cases but was pleasantly surprised when I gave her the new one. Like many have mentioned, it can certainly look pink but it really does depend on the light it's in.
  • When the rose gold color came out I immediately drove 1.5 hours to the nearest Apple store to take a look. I do like the color and find that it seems to change slightly from rose gold to coppery to pink as I moved it around...just like the new phone. I am a person who likes for all of her portable Apple items to match so my plan was to purchase the new rose gold watch, iPhone 6s plus and the new iPad Pro. Apple threw a wrench in my plans with the limited color options of the iPad Pro. (gosh darn it!) Then I ran into the issue of size. I prefer the 42mm watch which I thought would look good with a burgundy double tour band. (I have a friend who is a leather master...amazing work) Anyhow...the double tour band does look a bit overpowering with the 42mm watch so I suppose I will just keep my 42mm sport watch with white band and white Spigen slim fit watch case. Looks like a storm trooper watch and the aluminum looks great with the black sport band as well. Oh well...I tried...
  • I dig these! Not that they're gender-specific per se, however I feel like more people, even my wife would be interested in this or the gold color.
    Interestingly, I was just at the Apple Store yesterday and they guy working the accessory wall was telling me that using a band with steel buckles would cause the aluminum to rust. Have you heard of such Rene?