Runtastic brings personalized training to your smartphone with the new Results app

Runtastic has announced the release of the company's latest app for iOS and Android. Titled Results, this new offering to those who wish to keep in shape offers a personalized training experience with multiple plans for building strength, decreasing body fat and increasing definition of your massive abs.

The major selling point of this new app is how there's no requirement for additional equipment, yet is proven to show results. After completing a simple fitness test, the app will then create a training program tailored to that specific user, which will include more than 120 step-by-step instruction-based exercise videos, as well as weekly health and nutrition tips to maximize potential gains.

The 15-45 minute workouts cover multiple areas, including common bodyweight moves like push-ups, as well as other less known exercises. While you'll be able to get started with a selection of standalone workouts, it's unexpectedly recommended you take advantage of premium membership to really get the most out of the app. Interestingly, Runtastic team members and their families helped test and prove the app really can aid in reducing that unwanted body fat.

So, if the gym isn't quite for you, give Runtastic's new Results app a try. You can download it from the App Store.

Rich Edmonds