Apple's M1 Mac mini is difficult to go wrong with, even at its normal price. But right now you can put one on your desk, under your TV, or even into a server rack for the bargain price of just $599.99. Amazon is taking $50 off right out the gate, with another $49.01 removed when you check out.

The Mac mini is perhaps the best Mac for a whole ton of people and that speedy M1 Apple silicon is absolutely part of the reason. It's fast, quiet, and cool and it'll chew through pretty much anything you throw at it.

Whether you're looking to edit some video or just need a solid machine for office tasks, this Mac mini will do the job and then some!

A Mac mini at a price you can't say no to!

Apple M1 Mac mini

Apple M1 Mac mini

Apple's M1 Mac mini is a powerful little beast in a case that's about the size of the original Apple TV. It's thin, sleek, and faster than it has any right to be and because it's M1, it's quiet as well. This model comes with 8GB of unified memory and 256GB of SSD storage built in, too. Remember that the full discount will only become apparent when you're checking out.

Apple says that the 8-core CPU inside the M1 "packs up to 3x faster performance to fly through workflows quicker than ever," and it's difficult to argue with that. Things are even more impressive when you look at the M1's GPU performance, with "up to 6x faster graphics" offered here. Throw in the 16-core Neural Engine and you have a chip that will chew through demanding workflows with surprising ease.

The Mac mini has always been a fan favorite, but now it comes with the internals that make it a winner for everyone as well.

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