SCOSCHE reveals innovative new MagSafe car mounts and chargers at CES 2022

Scosche Magicmount Msc Lifestyle
Scosche Magicmount Msc Lifestyle (Image credit: SCOSCHE)

What you need to know

  • SCOSCHE is launching a new lineup of car mounts and chargers, with most compatible with MagSafe.
  • The MagicMount MSC can hold your existing Apple MagSafe Charger, and it's coming in February, while the other mounts are launching in Spring 2022.
  • The prices for these new car mounts start from $35 and go up to $65.

SCOSCHE is a popular brand known for leading the way when it comes to mobile car audio accessories and more. The company has just unveiled its latest lineup of new phone mounts, which include MagSafe-compatible options as well as wireless charging models.

Scosche Magicmount Pro Charge 5 Render

Scosche Magicmount Pro Charge 5 Render (Image credit: SCOSCHE)

First off, if you have the Apple MagSafe Charger but wish you could use it in your car, then SCOSCHE has the perfect solution: MagicMount MSC. This car mount features powerful Neodymium magnets that are built-in directly, securely holding your Apple MagSafe Charger in place. This particular mount head is engineered, shaped, and balanced to perfectly cradle a MagSafe charging puck, and it can be adjusted a full 360-degrees for portrait or landscape phone viewing with your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series device. Each MSC mount includes a 20W USB-C car adapter for fast charging and comes in four mounting options: 4-in-1 (Dash/Vent with optional Swing-Arm), Window/Dash, and Cup Holder. You can get one starting in February for $34.99 at select retailers and directly from SCOSCHE.

Next is the MagicMount Pro Charge5, designed to both hold and wireless charge all MagSafe and Qi-enabled phones. Not only that, but it's capable of fast charging iPhone 12 through MagSafe and Qi-compatible devices. It features Neodymium magnets inside the mount head, allowing it to hold up all phones, including a Pro Max device. Thanks to the MagSafe compatible magnets, lining up your device is easy, and the mount has a strong, secure hold. Fast wireless charging is up to 15W with compatible devices, so you can juice up quicker than ever before. There is also a 360-degree adjustable head for both portrait and landscape viewing modes.

The Pro Charge5 includes a car adapter that charges the mount and even includes another 20W USB-C charging port to charge a second device simultaneously. Pro Charge5 works with MagSafe cases, and you can use the Scosche MagicPlate for iPhone 8-11 and Android devices. It comes in four mounting styles: Window/Dash, Dash/Vent, Window/Dash Telescoping, and Cup Holder. Pro Charge5 arrives in Spring 2022 for a retail price of $64.99 at SCOSCHE's website or select stores.

Scosche Magicmount Pro Magsafe Cup Holder Render

Scosche Magicmount Pro Magsafe Cup Holder Render (Image credit: SCOSCHE)

SCOSCHE's MagicMount Pro MagSafe has a circle of built-in Neodymium magnets that perfectly align with Apple's own MagSafe system. It also works with compatible MagSafe cases, though you can also use it with iPhone 8-11 and Android smartphones with the included MagicPlate. Again, it has a 360-degree adjustable head for portrait and landscape viewing and has three mounting options: Window/Dash, Dash/Vent/Swing-Arm 4-in-1, and Cup Holder. It's available for $34.99 direct from SCOSCHE or at big box stores.

Finally, there is the Universal Wireless Charging Phone Mount. This works with any and all smartphones, making it a perfect option if you don't have a MagSafe device. It has fast wireless charging up to 15W for Qi-compatible devices and utilizes a universal clamp-style mount head with 360-degree adjustable views. SCOSCHE includes a power adapter and bonus 20W USB-C Power Delivery port for a second device. This one comes in four styles: Dash/Vent, Window/Dash/Vent, Window/Dash Telescoping, and Cup Holder. It arrives Spring 2022 for $44.99 on SCOSCHE's site or from stores.

SCOSCHE is a highly regarded brand, and we're sure that these will top our best car and MagSafe mounts once they're released.

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