Shannon Tweed talks to iMore about Attack of the Groupies, her new tower defense game for iPhone and iPad

Television and movie star Shannon Tweed, seen weekly in the show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, joined iMore live today to give us all the juicy details about her first iPhone and iPad game, Attack of the Groupies. A tower defense-style game, Shannon is all super-heroed up and ready to protect her man, KISS star Gene Simmons, from a full on invasion of deranged, demented groupies.

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Shannon was approached by the developer, GoJii games, with the concept and it seemed like the perfect fit. Based on the real-life challenge of living with a famous rockstar, Attack of the Groupies lets Shannon unleash a little cartoon-style justice on cougars, slugs, beauty-queens, and bimbos, including all the over-the-top, explosive weapons and effects you'd expect.

Attack of the Groupies features voice overs from Shannon and her daughter, Sophie Tweed-Simmons. There are power ups to unlock, extra characters (you can even get Shannon's sister, Tracy, via in-app-purchase), and behind-the-scenes bonus content.

Help Shannon keep the demented groupies away from KISS legend Gene Simmons with weapons, upgrades, and the power of a celebrity wife unleashed!

If you're a fan of the tower defense genre, or of Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons, or just of fun, free iPhone and iPad games, check out Attack of the Groupies and Attack of the Groupies HD.

Free - Attack of the Groupies - Download now

Free - Attack of the Groupies HD - Download now


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