Shazam's latest update brings Rdio music streaming

You have provably used Shazam to tag new songs that you've heard on the radio, and now the service is getting even more useful with built-in Rdio integration. With the latest Shazam app update, music lovers can tag their songs and then replay those tunes directly within the app using Rdio's music streaming service.

Though Rdio's integration means that you can do everything within the Shazam app itself, you do need to have the Rdio app installed on your phone along with an Rdio account setup as well. From within the Shazam app, you can connect your Rdio account and listen with either a free or subscription Rdio service.

In addition to Rdio, Shazam also included Spotify integration previously.

Shazam's music discovery service will be tightly integrated by Apple into Siri in iOS 8, which is due out later this year.

Will you be using this new Rdio integration? Let us know how you like music discovery and playback using Shazam with the latest update.

Chuong H Nguyen