Best answer: If you want to get the absolute best gaming experience out of your LG 27UD88, then yes, you should use Game Mode.

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Using Game Mode on your LG 27UD88 can lead to a better gaming experience

The LG 27UD88's Game Mode is meant to optimize the player experience in the video game of their choice. The monitor features three presets for Game Mode: FPS 1, FPS 2, and RTS (Real-Time Strategy). All three adjust features like the monitor's black stabilizer to provide better visibility, adjusting contrast and luminosity automatically depending on which mode you're using. You can also create your own custom mode if you're not a big fan of first-person or strategy games.

Game mode also utilizes Dynamic Action Sync, which passes the video signal through the monitor without the signal moving through the monitor's internal renderer, theoretically reducing delays between your input and seeing the results of it on screen.

What does this lead to? On average, LG says that using one of the Game Mode settings should lead to a visual performance improvement of about 5-10 percent. That might not sound like a lot, but take into account that turning on Game Mode doesn't really cost you anything, and in return, you do get better visibility in dark areas of your game, higher response times, and increased sharpness. Sometimes, with competitive games, those little differences can mean everything.

Why you might not want to use Game Mode

The big thing to remember about Game Mode is that its settings are automatic. You can't turn any of the Game Mode presets on and then adjust settings like contrast and luminosity. That's because Game Mode changes those itself, automatically. So if you prefer to have control over these settings, Game Mode probably isn't for you. However, if you know what you need, you can use the monitor's custom mode to create a game mode of your own, which might be the way around this.

Either way, there's something included in the LG 27UD88's settings to get the right game settings for you.

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LG 27UD88

Use Game Mode to get the most out of your games

With settings for first-person and strategy games, along with the ability to make your own mode, Game Mode on the LG 27UD88 will help you achieve the ideal playing experience on a great 4K monitor.

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