Eve's new water-resistant smart light adds Matter support to the range

Eve makes some of the best HomeKit devices you'll find, and now they're adding more products to the line-up – with some very forward-thinking extra features. The gen two Eve Flare and the new Eve Shutter Switch both bring Matter support to the Eve lineup, being thread nodes, when the Matter update comes at the end of the year.

Each new product has its own extra features beyond the new Matter support as well, and one is a completely new product category for Eve.

A light and some blinds

The first of the new products is the Eve Flare second generation, a new version of the original Eve Flare which we took a look at in 2021. This new version brings a carry handle, as well as iP65 Water resistance so you can put it anywhere in the house. Even though it's water resistant, however, we're not sure we can recommend you could put it in the bath. 

The second addition is the new Eve Shutter Switch. This will control the shades in a room, and use sensors to work out when best to close and open the blind, and to what degree. That could be a time of day, it could be the position of the sun or even the temperature in or outside your house. It also is a Thread device, making it Matter compatible.

Matter support is big for the HomeKit system, allowing lots of otherwise non-compatible devices to be added to a HomeKit smart home. That could be new lights, like the Eve Flare up above, a thermostat like the Nest thermostat, or even a new smart plug. Eve adding support adds another vital product manufacturer to the fold, making the standard even more widespread for greater compatibility with more products.

The Eve Flare Gen 2 is available for $99/£99, while the Eve Shutter Controller will be available in select European locations for €99.95.

Tammy Rogers
Senior Staff Writer

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