Extremely rare discount! Save big on Apple's HomePod and HomePod mini right now at Best Buy — live for just 48 hours

HomePod deals
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If you’re looking for the perfect central piece of an Apple-based smart home, then you need look no further than a HomePod. They sound good, look good, and even when compared to other smart speakers, they’re priced reasonably.

The trouble is that you could never call them cheap — and even worse, they’re very rarely reduced. Luckily, in its two-day Apple sale, Best Buy has seen fit to reduce the prices of both HomePod models, and while they might not seem like the biggest price drops, they are welcome savings on what are some of Apple’s most underrated products.

HomePod mini and HomePod 2 reduced


HomePod mini | $99 $79 at Best Buy

The HomePod mini is the super compact HomePod, and it’s currently got $79 off to bring it back down to its lowest price ever. That’s on all the colors as well, so you can choose the one you really want and still get a great saving.

Price check: $94 at B&H Photo


HomePod 2 | $299 $269 at Best Buy

The HomePod 2 is the larger HomePod, based more on Apple Music than being a voice assistant. This more expensive model is even more rarely discounted than the mini, so even this $30 discount is more than welcome for a return to its lowest price ever.

Price check: $279 at B&H Photo

HomePods are wonderful devices, bringing some top-quality sound along with a great base for an Apple Home setup. Smart voice-activated features come from Siri, and you stream hi-res tracks from Apple Music for higher quality music than you’ll find in other smart speakers.

These prices won’t stick around forever either — this Best Buy Apple sale is only going to be around until June 9. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the sale while it's still live, there are some great savings on other Apple devices.

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