MacBook Air 2018Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has been rumored to have a new MacBook Air ready for 2020.
  • A new report claims that the machine might come as soon as next week.
  • The story comes from a seemingly reliable tipster.

We've already heard from the usually accurate Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple has plans to launch a new MacBook Air at some point in 2020. But now a new MacRumors report has that happening as soon as next week.

Citing a tipster who has been accurate in the past, the report says that we could see new MacBook Air action within days, although MacRumors hasn't been able to confirm the story as yet. Normally this kind of seemingly flakey story might not be all that reliable, but given the tips that this person has offered in the past, it does warrant some attention.

Last March, MacRumors received an anonymous tip claiming that Apple would announce new iPad, iMac, and iPod models with three consecutive days of press releases the following week, and that information proved to be two-thirds accurate with new iPad Air and iPad mini models announced on Monday, March 18 and an iMac refresh on Tuesday, March 19.

What a new MacBook Air might bring to the table isn't entirely clear just now. The main addition will surely be the scissor keyboard that will finally see the end of the troublesome butterfly keyboard that is almost universally despised.

If Apple is indeed going to launch a refreshed MacBook Air next week, could this be part of the March event that never happened? And if it is, what else is in the cards for next week? Maybe iPhone 9 and AirTags?