Amazon has a terrific sale on Aqara HomeKit products. For a limited time, you can save up to 15% on some of the company's hottest products, including switches, sensors, and much more. To take advantage of the Aqara deals, you'll need to add coupons located on each product page for some items. Among the many deals are the three listed here.

Aqara Smart Hub M

Aqara Smart Hub M2 | 15% off

A must-have product for anyone new to Aqara, this hub makes it possible to connect up to 128 devices — from the Aqara app and Home app.

$50.99 at Amazon
Aqara Wireless Mini Switch

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch | 10% off with coupon

Use this switch as a versatile wireless remote to control your favorite smart home devices. Set a single, double, or long-press to control programmable functions.

$16.19 at Amazon
Aqara Air Quality

Aqara Indoor Air Quality Monitor | 15% off with coupon

The Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor detects VOCs, which are harmful, carcinogenic air pollutants that evaporate at normal indoor atmospheric conditions, and measures temperature and humidity, which can also be used in smart home automations.

$38.24 at Amazon
Aqara Smart Hub E

Aqara Smart Hub E1 | 10% off with coupon

Known for its flexibility and small size, the Aqara Hub E1 is compact and easy to carry. It occupies less space and can be placed almost anywhere.

$26.99 at Amazon

Aqara offers many different HomeKit-compatible smart products, including cameras, controllers, and many more. Among the newest is the recently released (and well-received) Aqara Smart Hub M2, which offers a simple setup and reliable connectivity. The Aqara Hub E1 is another great choice, which is affordable and provides a compact, space-saving design with reliable connectivity. The Hub E1 is the more basic of the Aqara hubs, which means it's less expensive even without a sale.

Now is a terrific time to stock up on Aqara smart home products. So get them today while this deal is still on!

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