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What you need to know

  • Snapchat has been updated to add support for dark mode.
  • Dark mode was first made possible via the iOS 13 update almost two years ago.

Snapchat has released an update for its iPhone app that finally adds support for dark mode. The update comes almost two years after iOS 13 introduced dark mode for iPhone users.

The update has been in testing for a few months now and it's only just been made available to the masses. No new download is required, however, with Snapchat making a change server-side that enables the feature for all.

As first spotted by MacRumors, sure can choose from three different modes when selecting how they want their Snapchat to look.

Snapchat is offering three different types of "Appearance" modes for iOS users to choose from. The first mode maintains a dark theme for the app regardless of the default iOS system theme, the second mode maintains a light theme for the app, and the third mode matches the iOS setting.

Users can download Snapchat from the App Store right now. It's a free download.

Apple carried dark mode over from iOS 13 to iOS 14 and support should be table stakes for apps in 2021. It's pretty amazing that Snapchat is only now getting in on the act, but it's better late than never.




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