AirTag SetupSource: Joe Keller / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's AirTag is here but it's a little on the bulky side, making it far from suited to living inside a wallet.
  • One YouTuber decided to fix that by dismantling an AirTag and turning it into something much slimmer.

Apple's AirTag is now here and it's generally been well received. But there's one problem that we just can't quite get away from – an AirTag is just too bulky to be put into a wallet. That is, it was until one YouTuber decided to fix all that.

AirTags are pretty bulbous because they have their PCB and battery sat atop each other. So YouTuber Andrew Ngai decided to find out what would happen if they dismantled an AirTag and then placed everything in a horizontal fashion. It seems an obvious idea, right? And it is – so long as you know what you're doing which I most definitely do not.

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Thankfully, this person very much does. Check it out.

I wanted to put an Airtag into my wallet so that I can also track it's location but I found out that the Airtag is quite thick and it will create a bulge in my wallet. So I modified the Airtag and gave it a new body!

The addition of a 3D printed enclosure really is just the icing on the cake and it's fair to say the result is more than sufficient. The new card-shaped enclosure fits perfectly into a wallet and it has us hoping Apple releases AirTag in more form factors in the future.

Anyone interested in trying this for themselves can find the details on the 3D printed enclosure over on Thingiverse, too. Alternatively, you could check out some of the best Bluetooth trackers that aren't AirTag. Some are much more suited to living inside a wallet.