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What you need to know

  • Spotify has added support for direct streaming to its Apple Watch app.
  • Apple Watch owners can now stream Spotify to their watch without their iPhone.
  • The feature has been long-anticipated for Spotify users.

Reported by Macerkopf (via 9to5Mac), Spotify, after much anticipation, has finally launched streaming to the Apple Watch. Spotify had started testing the feature back in September, but it appears that it is officially rolling out to users today.

Back in September, we saw Spotify finally start testing streaming support for its Apple Watch app, something we've seen arrive with other third-party services like Pandora months ago. Now it looks like the feature may finally be rolling out more widely.

Macerkopf notes that the update that is rolling out is happening to users who were not signed up to test the new feature back in September, adding more weight to the idea it is rolling out to all users.

Reported by Macerkopf (via Google Translate), multiple users have shared they are seeing the feature show up on their wearables (that weren't part of the September streaming test for Apple Watch). One image shows the following message about using the options on Apple Watch (translated from German):

Spotify has been far behind other streaming services on adding support for direct music streaming to the Apple Watch. Pandora, which added the feature to its Apple Watch app months ago, has moved on from that and already added support for HomePod and Siri before Apple launches its HomePod mini later this month.

The new feature appears to be coming from a server-side update, meaning that you will not have to update the Spotify app in order to enjoy it. You'll be able to see Apple Watch as a new option when choosing where you want to stream your music. We have checked and the new feature is available on our Apple Watches already as well.

Spotify is listing the feature as a Beta, so expect some potential bugs when testing out the new feature for yourself.

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