Spotify rolls out Podcast Subscriptions to all U.S. creators

Spotify Mac Podcasts Screenshot
Spotify Mac Podcasts Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Spotify is rolling out Podcast Subscriptions to all U.S. podcasters.
  • It has been testing the service since April.
  • It will let creators charge users for listening.

Spotify has today announced it is rolling out Podcast Subscriptions to all U.S. creators after a period of testing.

The company stated:

In April, we shared that we would begin testing Podcast Subscriptions as a way for creators to offer paid subscriber-only content on Spotify and other platforms, using Spotify's podcast creation platform, Anchor. In the testing period since, we've activated over 100 podcasts and found that shows across genres and content styles have a massive opportunity to build paying subscriber bases. Now, we're ready to expand this model to everyone.Starting today, we're making Podcast Subscriptions available to all U.S. podcasters.

Spotify says the move will help "maximize creator revenue and offer the widest possible reach so creators can grow their audiences and develop deep connections with listeners," pertinent as it competes with Apple's own Podcasts Subscriptions.

Creators can now find a new option to mark episodes within Anchor as "subscriber-only". It is also rolling out changes to its Podcast Subscription model based on testing. That includes expanded price points (there are now 20 options), and the ability to download a list of contact addresses for subscribers to offer them more content and benefits.

Spotify also says that Podcast Subscriptions will continue to evolve and that it is also coming to international listeners from September 15:

Podcast Subscriptions will continue to evolve and grow as we learn from creators who succeed with this model. We plan to expand internationally very soon: Starting on September 15, international listeners will gain access to subscriber-only content, and shortly after we'll make the feature available to creators around the world—so stay tuned.

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