Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Newcorp head Rupert Murdoch may just be ready to test the waters with an iPad (and tablet) only "newspaper" called The Daily:

The collaboration, which has been secretly under development in New York for several months, promises to be the world's first "newspaper" designed exclusively for new tablet-style computers such as Apple's iPad, with a launch planned for early next year.

Intended to combine "a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence", the publication represents Murdoch's determination to push the newspaper business beyond the realm of print.

Like the Kindle, this new style "newspaper" would be pushed automatically to iPad owners so they could just turn on their device and start reading. Jesse Angelo, managing editor of New York Post is rumored to be coming on as editor.

Several things are true: traditional print news is on the decline, iPad sales are soaring and competing devices in the same class will finally start appearing next year, Apple needs a good subscription content service, and Newscorp needs to find a way to sell premium content to support their news gathering.

If they could line everything up correctly, would you be interested in The Daily?