Common iPad problems and how to fix them

iPad is an amazing computer that manages to be powerful, portable, and accessible all at the same time. If it's working. If it's giving you problems — if it's sluggish or stuck, won't power off or power back on, if the battery is draining fast or not charging properly, if you can't connect to Bluetooth, HomeKit, or AirDrop — then it can be frustrating. Your first instinct might be to call Apple Support or visit the Genius Bar, but that all takes time. If you just want to get everything working again, here are some things you can try on your own, and try right now!

How do you restart, reboot, and recover your iPad?

Reboot Windows! is a running joke in the technology world, but restarting your devices works. It kicks any stray bits back into place and can fix a lot of problems. Powering down and powering back up is a simple way to start. Then you can escalate to hard resets and even restores if you need to.

You also don't have to reset everything. If only one aspect is bugging you, you can reset your iPad's settings, remove network connections, erase content, zap the keyboard dictionary, rearrange the Home screen, or dump Location and Privacy data.

How do I fix problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connections?


AirDrop (Image credit: iMore)

Connections have become... complicated. It's not just a matter of turning something on anymore. Bluetooth broadcasts availability and creates connections, Wi-Fi transfers data fast so it doesn't waste a lot of power, and a bunch of different services from handoff to AirDrop, HomeKit to tethering try to manage it all. If your connections aren't connecting, though, there are a few things you can try!

What if you iPad won't charge, gets terrible battery life, won't shutdown, or won't start up?

Whether your battery is draining unreasonably fast or it's taking far too long to recharge, not having enough power when you need it is unacceptable. Likewise if your iPad refuses to shut down or won't power back up when you need it. Luckily, even when it comes to batteries, there are a few fixes you can try on your own.

What if nothing is working?

Sadly, not every problem can be solved through troubleshooting alone. Sometimes you really will need to contact Apple. You can call the company at 1-800-MY-APPLE, tweet them @apple_support, visit them online at, or go straight to your local Apple Retail Store.

What problems do you need help solving?

If you're having an issue with your iPad and it's not addressed in this guide, or if you've found a solution that works better, drop it in the comments below!

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