The Stol-P1 is launching soon, and it's the coolest origami desktop stand I've seen

Stol P1 Render
Stol P1 Render (Image credit: Ali Zauyt)

What you need to know

  • The Stol-P1 is launching on Kickstarter sometime this month.
  • It's a folding origami stand combines improving posture with modern day conveniences.
  • It has five angles to work with, a cup holder, LED light, built-in 3-in-1 wireless charger, and more.

As someone who sits at a desk and is on a computer for most of the day, I am always keeping an eye out for innovative new products that can help me work better, like the MOFT laptop sleeve/stand combo that I reviewed a few months ago. The Stol-P1 is one such product, and it's launching a Kickstarter very soon. It caught my attention on reddit a few weeks ago, but this is something that I can't wait to see become a reality.

Stol P1 Led Light

Stol P1 Led Light (Image credit: Ali Zauyt)

So what is the Stol-P1? Basically, it is a portable origami laptop stand that is designed for a better sitting and standing environment for your laptop, tablet, books, phone, and more. The stand provides five different angles to help with your posture, no matter what position you're in, and allows you more freedom when moving around. The origami part of the stand lets you fold it down like paper, so you can bring it with you anywhere, anytime.

The founder of Stol-P1, Ali Zauyt, claims that the main idea behind the Stol-P1 is to combine all of the things that you need to do work in easily. Unlike other products that only focus on helping improve poor posture, the Stol-P1 also adds in the convenience of everyday usage. Because of this approach, the Stol-P1 has a lot of features that you don't ordinarily see in other stands.

Stol P1 Render

Stol P1 Render (Image credit: Ali Zauyt)

For example, if you're working at a desk, you should be transitioning between sitting and standing throughout the day. The Stol-P1 has a "stand mode" built-in, converting the product into a stable and sturdy structure that allows you to work while standing, and it can fold away in seconds. The "chilling mode" helps minimize neck discomfort when working from a laptop. These two modes are probably what I would use the most if I had the product in my hands.

For designers and digital artists, there is a "creativity mode." This one lets you place an iPad or drawing tablet at the perfect angle, so you can draw and create freely without having to worry about stability or any other distractions. The "fun mode" makes it more comfortable to use your laptop on the couch or in bed as well.

Stol P1 Cup Holder

Stol P1 Cup Holder (Image credit: Ali Zauyt)

That's not all with the Stol-P1. It has a convenient cup holder, which is perfect for holding your morning cup of coffee, and it is accessible no matter which angle you decide to use. There is a rubber surface on the bottom of the Stol-P1 to prevent slipping and sliding. The Stol-P1 also has a 3-in-1 wireless charger built-in, so you can charge up your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch while you work. The tablet holder on the stand also doubles as a book holder, if you are still a fan of paper books. And when nighttime rolls around, the Stol-P1 also has an integrated LED light that is bright enough to continue working in the dark, and it easily stows away when you don't need it.

And if you're wondering about the name, here's the meaning behind it:

P1 is a reference to - McLaren P1 limited-production plug-in hybrid sports car. Stol means - short take off and landing, with performance and ability of aircraft to take off and clear a 50-foot obstruction in a distance of 1,500 feet from beginning the takeoff run.

The Stol-P1 is set to launch on Kickstarter sometime this month. You can learn more about the Stol-P1 at CaymacDesign, and sign up for a launch invitation with a super early discount.

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