Strava's Summit subscription packs offer tailored workout tools for athletes

Strava, the popular workout platform, is launching a set of refreshed subscription plans. Under the new Summit branding, these plans replace the single Premium membership for new users that's been available up until this point. Summit is now broken up into different packs, allowing Strava users to pay only for those features that they need to reach their particular goals. The aim is to cover the needs of a wider variety of athletes than Strava Premium allowed.

Summit is made up of three packs:

Strava Summit

  • Training: Focuses on insights that help you train smarter. This pack comes with a number of training plans for any type of athlete or just for those looking to get in better shape. It supports real-time GPS tracking, custom goals based on several factors, race analysis which lets you view pace fluctuations, and splits, filtered leaderboards, and breakdowns of KOM and PR attempts.

  • Analysis: This pack is all about breaking down metrics collected by connected fitness devices. Strava can already connect to a litany of third-party fitness devices, from external GPS devices to Bluetooth heart rate monitors. With Analysis, you can pull every bit of data out of these devices in order to view highly accurate pace data, get assessments of the impact of your workouts, and check out Live Segments to compare your results with others in real time. The Relative Effort section is also present to help you train consistently.

  • Safety: Explore new trails with added security tools. With the Safety pack, you can easily plan excursions to trails both known and unknown using Strava. See your favorite spots on the map with the Personal Heatmaps feature. The centerpiece of the Safety pack is Beacon, which lets you select contacts that can see where you are during an activity in real time just in case you need their help.

Each of the three packs entitles Summit members to a collection of shared perks as well. These include discounts on offerings from Strava partners, as well as expedited assistance from Strava's support team in case they need help.

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Each of the Summit packs can be purchased from Strava separately, with a membership for an individual Summit pack coming in at $2.99 per month or $23.99 per year. If you want to use all three packs, it will cost you $7.99 per month, or $59.99 per year. If you're already a Strava Premium member, you'll still have access to the same features that you've used as part of your subscription for your current price, though given that both the monthly and yearly price is the same as paying for all three Summit packs, it's fairly simple to make the switch.

If what you're missing from your workouts is more data, you can sign up now to give Strava Summit a try. You'll find the Strava app itself available for free on the App Store.

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