Super Mario Run: How to win Toad Rally

While the main part of Super Mario Run is the 24 levels included in the World Tour mode, Toad Rally mode is where you can go to compete against players around the world and collect different color toads to level up your kingdom. Toad Rally can be difficult, especially if you aren't sure how to win, but with these tips and tricks, you'll be climbing the leaderboards, levelling up your kingdom, and unlocking playable characters in no time!

How Toad Rally works

In Toad Rally, you compete with another player in an endless course until the clock runs down. You have two main objectives; collect the most coins and impress the most Toads.

Collecting coins works the same as it does in Tour mode, Mario simply has to touch a coin to collect it; however, impressing toads is a little more tricky.

Toads are wowed by acts of skill, such as taking out enemies, grabbing special coins, and performing stylish jumps.

To excel at Toad Rally you'll need to collect as many coins as you can while impressing as many toads. Lucky for you, most of the time both of those things go hand-in-hand more often than not.

Get to the flag first

About halfway through a Toad Rally level there is a little black flag with Bowser's face on it, if you run past this flag before your opponent you'll receive an extra 10 coins. It may not seem like a lot, but every little bit counts when you're competing for most coins.

Do as many stylish jumps as you can

One of the easiest ways to get toad admirers throughout your Toad Rally runs is to perform stylish moves. These are most commonly accomplished by jumping (tapping on the screen) at the right time. Here's a breakdown of the stylish moves you can do.

Rolling jump

When Mario — or another character — falls from a substantial height they will roll along the ground as they land. If you jump during this roll you will perform a rolling jump and you'll get some new toad friends.

Ledge jump

If your character is holding onto a ledge, you can double tap the screen in order to jump up onto the platform. You'll do a nice little front flip which gives the toads a reason to cheer.

Multiple wall jumps

You probably already know that if sliding down a wall (or pipe) you can tap the screen to jump off the wall. If you do multiple walls jumps in a row, you'll notice more toads will be cheering for your success.

Enemy jump

When your character is vaulting over an enemy, you can use them as a springboard to launch yourself towards the sky and defeat the enemy in the process. It's a win-win situation that the toads couldn't love more.

Fill your Coin Rush meter

By doing lots of stylish jumps, you begin to fill up your Coin Rush meter. Once your meter is full, a Coin Rush bonus will activate and you will be showered with extra coins. A Coin Rush only lasts about 10 seconds, so pick up as many coins as you can quickly!

Defeat multiple enemies

Every time you defeat an enemy in Toad Rally you get at least one coin — more if you have kill a lot of that type of bad guy. If you manage to stomp on multiple enemies in a row, you'll start to here to cheers of even more toads!

Don't get hurt

Although you can't die in Toad Rally like you can in World Tour mode, anytime you get hurt — by an enemy or an obstacle — you lose a lot of coins, instantly end a coin rush bonus, and any toads you had cheering for you run away, making it one of the most costly mistakes you can make during a Rally.

If you get hurt multiple times in the same run, you're going to have a very tough time beating your opponent.

Know any other tips?

Let everyone know in the comments below. Happy running!

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