Best Answer: Absolutely! The in-game shop (found in the Vault from the main menu) has a variety of different items that you can purchase with gold coins, which you obtain easily just by playing any game mode. The items you can find in the in-game shop are Fighter Spirits, Support Spirits, Primary Spirits, Snacks (to level up Spirits), Support Items for Spirit battles, Mii Fighter outfits and headgear, and even music tracks from various game franchises.

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So I need gold to purchase items from this in-game shop?

That's right. But the more you play the game, regardless of game mode, the more coins you'll end up accruing, because you get some gold for every battle, whether you win or lose. Of course, winning gets you more, but it's nice that you get some pocket change even if you come out in last place too.

The coins are earned from any game mode. You can play Smash with friends or the CPU, go through numerous Classic runs, do some All Star Smash, Tournaments, Squad Strike, and whatever else you feel like playing. No matter what you do, that coin will just accumulate. Soon, you'll have so much coin that you won't know what to spend it on!

Do the items in the shop change?

Yes, the items that the shop offers will be in a rotation. We aren't sure of how often the shop changes its inventory, but it's highly recommended to check back more often than not. You just never know what you may find in there!

What's the item that is absolutely worth getting in the shop?

Honestly, I am only looking for Spirits and music tracks in the shop.

I've been playing a lot of World of Light, and having more Spirits is always useful. Even if they are low level or don't have great abilities, you can always Dismiss a Spirit to get a Core, which is used to level up your better Spirits. I don't go for Fighter Spirits though, because you can get those anyway just by clearing a character's Classic Mode run, so it's a bit of a waste of money.

Music tracks are another great find, but only if it's a song from a series that you care about. For example, I love Castlevania, so I had to buy the a Symphony of the Night track when I saw it available.

If you're in a pinch, purchasing Snacks and Support Items is also worth it. The Snacks help you level up Spirits quickly, and Support Items can definitely give you an advantage in tough battles.

As far as Mii Fighter headgear and outfits, I don't think those are really worth it. Unless you spot something super cool and plan to make a cosplay from it, then don't bother. Not many people use Mii Fighters, since actual characters usually are much better anyways.

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