Synchronized Philips Hue lighting hopes to bring the fright to watching Sharknado 2

As if the thought of watching Sharknado 2 wasn't scary enough an idea in itself, the movie's creator is pairing up with Philips to create an immersive experience by allowing you to pair the cinematic experience with Hue lighting to create a synchronized light track with the movie. Users who download the SyFy Sync app for iOS can bring the self-fright by getting the Philips Hue bulbs to pulse in synchronization with Sharknado 2.

The SyFy app listens to audio cues from the movie to adjust its lighting to give you what SyFy calls a light track that serves as a visual sountrack in conjunction with the action that's going on in the movie. In fact, it is designed to work with last year's Sharknado as well as this year's Sharknado 2.

Of the experience, "fans will be enveloped in the onscreen action through ambient lighting effects as the bulbs change colors to reflect the increasingly stormy weather conditions, chainsaw-induced shark carnage and more throughout the two movies."

"We continue to look at new and innovative ways that we can create unique lighting experiences for the home and working with Syfy, we can give Sharknado viewers a whole new way to experience television," Philip's VP of Marketing Arif Quarishi said.

Fortunately, though, as Hue is a home product, you can suffer the indignant embarrassment of poor movie choices in the privacy of your own home. If you're ready for the extra fright through the new Hue-invoked light track to Sharknado, let us know and we promise not to publicly scorn you, as frightened as we may be of your film selection.

Is synchronized lighting an idea that you'd like to see for the Sharknado series and other movies? Or is this too distracting?

Source: Philips

Chuong H Nguyen