Airplay Mirroring

How to AirPlay Mirror your Mac screen to your Apple TV

Whether your Apple TV is in your living room, board room, or class room, you can easily use it to mirror or extend your Mac's display right onto your big screen HDTV. That includes presentations, games, and even FaceTime chats you want to share with everyone. And all you need is OS X's built-in AirPlay.

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How to use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Apple TV

AirPlay Mirroring lets you wirelessly beam whatever you're viewing on your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV. Whether you're using a dumb network TV app that doesn't include built-in AirPlay or just want to game on your big screen HDTV, AirPlay Mirroring lets you share almost anything and everything in just a few taps.

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How to use AirPlay to mirror your Mac screen to your Apple TV

If you own a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion and either a second or third generation Apple TV, you have the ability to display content from your Mac on your TV wirelessly with AirPlay Mirroring. If you are familiar with how AirPlay works for iOS with display mirroring, it's very similar.

If you've never used AirPlay on your Mac before, follow along and we'll show you how.

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TiPb Asks: Are your TV and movie apps working with iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring?

While we haven't had time to test all of them, but off the bat we're getting mixed results with AirPlay Mirroring of iPad 2 TV and movie apps. CityTV wouldn't work -- it cited contractual obligations. CTV did work and so did Global. Crackle was buggy. We're trying more now.

Some TV and movie apps use Apple's built in media controls so AirPlay works automagically. Others... have opted out. We were kind of hoping AirPlay Mirroring would let us work around it. Maybe it will. Or maybe Hollywood will update to shut it out of more apps. We shall see.

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Apple TV iOS 5 update now available with NHL, WSJ

Want to use your Apple TV 2 with fancy new iOS 5 features like Photo Stream and AirPlay Mirroring? Well go navigate over to Software Update and start your download because it's available now.

Other new features include (ayt :

  • NHL Hockey
  • Wall Street Journal

To find out more about these features, and to get help:

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iOS 5 features: AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime

iOS 5 beta 3 seems to have enabled another feature -- AirPlay mirroring for FaceTime. If this makes it into the final release -- and not everything does -- it'll be fantastic for families and businesses alike.

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