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Fake Steve goes Android for fake reasons

There's a legitimate argument to be made for leaving the iPhone and going to Android, but Newsweek's Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) utterly, bitterly fails to make it in his recent column on switching from Apple to Google's mobile platform.

First, he feels the new version of Android 2.2, Froyo, "blows the doors" off the iPhone OS. Only Froyo hasn't shipped to consumers yet, just like Apple's next generation operating system, iPhone OS 4, hasn't shipped to consumers yet.

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TiPb Presents... iPhone Live! #80 -- Nokia Comes Knocking!

Join Rene and Matt Miller of NokiaExperts.com for Round Robin Symbian and Maemo vs. iPhone, Apple vs. Nokia patent lawsuits, Fake Steve vs. AT&T, App Store's new look, App Store's still broken, and the Google Phone (NOT!). Listen in!

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AT&T Calls Operation Chokehold Irresponsible and Pointless. Fake Steve Calls AT&T the Same.

In response to Fake Steve's call for Operation Chokehold -- a flashmob event intended to overwhelm AT&T's data network -- AT&T has told Cult of Mac:

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Operation Chokehold: Help Fake Steve Help You Hurt AT&T?

Fake Steve Jobs has had enough of AT&T and their "bastardly behavior over bandwidth usage" and so is launching a crowd-sourced, flash-mobbed, Rickson Gracie-style assault on their network called "Operation Chokehold":

Subject: Operation Chokehold

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #17 -- 3.1 Beta!

Dieter and Rene discuss the iPhone 3.1 Beta, the return of Steve Jobs (and Fake Steve), iPhone 3GS news, and questions from the live chat. Listen in!

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Fake Steve Also Returns

With the return of Steve Jobs to Apple comes the return of Fake Steve to the interwebs. Fake Steve also returns to being bitingly satirical, something that had been lacking before its own hiatus. Recent gems include the excoriation of the New York Times, and lambasting Palm (twice) for focusing on Apple rather than the Pre in their own advertisements:

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Fake Steve Now Real Dan, Blogs iPhone 3G Experience

Fake Steve, the hilarious or hateful (depending on your take, I lean towards the former) blogalter-ego of former Forbes writer, current Newsweek writer retired a while back, only to re-emerge as himself: Real Dan. His debut post? Fake Steve buys an iPhone, gets no respect. (Warning: Real Dan's language is as salty as Fake Steve's ever was, so not for the easily offended).

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Fake Steve Gets Steved: Dan Lyons Retires the Parody Postings

It's the end of the blogsphere as we know it, and dagnabit I don't feel fine. Why? Fake Steve is retiring. Former Forbes columnist Dan Lyons, who once panned bloggers and later rose to internet stardom after being exposed as one of the most infamous -- and best in some opinions -- bloggers of them all, is heading to Newsweek and will be switching his posting over to his own name. No doubt his content will continue to be razor sharp and wickedly insightful -- if not inciting -- but Fake Steve has become such an icon of the Web 2.0 age that I can't help but think the loss of Dear Leader, El Jobso, the wake-and-baker himself will leave the net just a little emptier.

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Harold & Kumar Get Banned From the Apple Store

Okay, so their names weren't really Harold & Kumar (Fukaba and Vincenti, for the record), but then again it doesn't really sound like they were banned for life from the Apple Store as initial Interwebs rumor mongering suggested, b'okay?

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