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Best health & fitness apps to reach your New Year's goals!

Start the New Year off right with these health and fitness apps!

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Carrot Fit gets a hell of an update

Carrot Fit will help you keep the pounds off this holiday season!

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Pushh for iPhone uses selfies to help track your fitness

Pushh is a new app for iPhone that lets you keep track of your fitness progress through selfies. You can track your progress, share before and after photos, and even create movies.

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Best meditation apps for iPhone: Clear your head and relax better than ever!

From breathing techniques to soothing sounds and music, these are the best meditation apps for iPhone!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you relax, track, and make the most out of your meditation time? Sometimes the stresses of our everyday lives can make mental health more important than ever. Even if it's only for 30 minutes, being able to disconnect from our devices and the outside world can help eliminate stress and clear your mind. The App Store is full of apps to help you make the most of every meditation session, but which meditation apps for iPhone are the absolute best?

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Best workout apps for iPhone: What you need to get in shape and feel great!

Whether you want a quick workout or a way to make better use of your gym time, these are the best workout apps for iPhone!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you get in a daily workout? Squeezing in time to exercise between work, kids, social events, and other obligations isn't always easy. Luckily, there are lots of iPhone apps that can help you not only help you stay motivated but help you make the most of your workouts. Whether you're just starting out and want something simple or you're already hitting the gym multiple times a week and just want to get more efficient, there a are a lot of work out apps for iPhone to choose from. But which workout apps for iPhone are the very best?

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Best weight lifting and gym apps for iPhone: Fitocracy, Strong, GymBook, and more!

Looking to make the most of your time at the gym? From weights to workout challenges, these are the best gym apps for iPhone!

Are you looking for the best iPhone apps to help you track weights and monitor your activity at the gym? Whether you're training for a specific activity, trying to drop weight, or just tone up, there are lots of gym apps that can help you track your progress and add some variety to your workouts. No matter what your goals are, the App Store has something for everyone, and we think these are the very best:

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#CESlive: Bluetooth Earbuds from Jaybird

Jaybird's big claim to fame is Bluetooth earbuds designed for sports enthusiasts. They distinguish themselves with exceptional battery life - up to eight hours per charge, about twice what other Bluetooth earbuds can manage. But that's not all they do.

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#CESlive: Newest ways to track your fitness from Fitbit

Daniel and Cali are talking with Fitbit live at CES 2014 about their fitness trackers, the Fitbit Force and Fitbit Flex. Both trackers can monitor your daily activities, sleep patterns, and more. The Fitbit Force also doubles as a pretty decent watch.

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Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Moves, Runtastic, Argus, and more!

Activity tracker apps for iPhone are a great way to help us get in shape and stay that way. For people who don't want to buy expensive accessories and monitors, there are lots of App Store apps available that simply use the GPS in your iPhone to monitor and track steps, calories burned, workout progress, and more. These are currently my favorite standalone activity tracker apps for iPhone...

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Fitbit update adds support for M7, more

Fitbit has updated the app to version 2.1, and the app now supports the Apple M7 motion coprocessor on the iPhone 5s. Fitbit calls this features MotionTrack, and says that it provides basic Fitbit tracking.

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