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Fitness Month

Editor's desk: Happy year of the water snake!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hey Faat Choi, 恭禧發財! Happy year of the water snake! I spent most of my early twenties surrounded by Chinese culture, and spent many a Chinese New Year in China Town (or China block as it's probably better referred to in Montreal), on stage, taking part in the festivities and demonstrations. I even got to spend one in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The people, the food, the fireworks, and lion dancing, all if it holds a special place in my heart and my memories.

This year I'm going to get some Dim Sum, give out some red envelopes (hey, the new iPod nano fits perfectly in those!), and pay lots of respect to those who came before and have taught and given me so much. Then I'll probably watch a bunch of martial hero movies and blog the day away. Meanwhile...

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Keep your running pace with Faster for iPhone

How many times have you started your run with the intent of finishing your mile in a specific amount of time, then halfway through give-up and slow down, promising to do better next time? Now what if your music slowed down when you slowed down -- would that be enough to keep up your pace? If yes, then Faster for iPhone is for you.

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Mobile Nations Fitness Month round up!

The month may be over, but the Mobile Nations quest to use our phones and tablets, apps and accessories to get stronger, faster, and healthier continues!

February was fitness month at Mobile Nations, the month we sought to keep our new year's hopes and dreams of thinner waistlines and fitter bodies alive. Week after week we picked reasonable, attainable goals and strove to keep them -- eating less and better, moving farther and more frequently, lifting more than ever before.

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Fitbit Ultra review

Even though Mobile Nations Fitness Month is coming to a close, you should still continue to improve your fitness. One such device that may help you in this endeavor is the Fitbit Ultra, a tiny little gadget that clips to your clothing and keeps track of how many steps you've taken, flights you've climbed, and calories burned.

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iHealth Blood Pressure Dock review

The iHealth Dock is the perfect accessory for any iPhone owner who wants to or needs to measure their blood pressure or heart rate.

The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock works with any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to help health conscious individuals or families better and more easily keep track of their blood pressure and heart rate.

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Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale review: The best way to track your weight on iPhone and iPad

Withings is a simple, beautiful way to keep track of your weight and BMI right on your iPhone or iPad and achieve your health goals!

The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale brings new, highly mobile technology to bear on an age old task -- keeping track of your weight over time.

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Mobile Nations fitness month: Week 4! [iPad 3 + Xbox Kinect giveaway]

The quest to get thinner, stronger, faster, and healthier with iMore and Mobile Nations heads into the home stretch!

Week 4. Everything comes down to this. We've tried to eat better. We've made it a point to exercise. We've worked to get stronger and go farther than ever before. And now we're bringing it all together.

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Best iPhone apps and accessories for running and jogging

"Whether you're new to jogging or are a seasoned marathoner, there are tons of great iPhone apps and accessories will help you to be the best runner you can possibly be."

The iPhone is the perfect companion for those looking to get into jogging or running, or those looking to keep their long-term training fun and fresh. Since it's health and Fitness month here at iMore and the Mobile Nations network, we're going to take a look a the very best accessories and apps that'll help you get the most out of your experience.

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Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner review: Fastest, easiest way to track food points on your iPhone

Barcode Scanner is exactly what you need to easily find and enter PointsPlus values, and a great companion app to Weight Watchers Mobile for iPhone

If you're a Weight Watchers subscriber using Weight Watchers Mobile for iPhone, Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner is a great companion app for quickly calculating points values. Manually typing in fat, carbs, fiber, and protein can be a daunting task especially when grocery shopping. The barcode scanner app makes the task super simple and easier than ever, and is a great way to avoid impulse junk food purchases.

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Learn how to salsa dance with Pocket Salsa for iPhone and iPad

We're over halfway through Mobile Nations Fitness Month, so it's time to spice up your fitness routine with some salsa dancing. Pocket Salsa is an iPhone and iPad app that will have you workin' your moves, burning calories, and having fun all at the same time.

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