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Fitness Month

iPhone and cycling: How to have fun and stay fit

My iPhone is the perfect cycling companion. It entertains, informs and keeps track of where I go and how long it takes me to get there.

February is Health and Fitness Month at Mobile Nations, and my exercise program for most of my adult life has been cycling. Living on Cape Cod, I am treated to some beautiful vistas, ocean views and a fair share of challenging hills. During the warmer months, I can be at the ocean in about seven minutes and then continue for 20 – 30 miles along the coast.

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P90X review: Best bootcamp-style home fitness app for iPhone

"P90X is a popular fitness program that's made a bold leap onto the iPhone with outstanding content, if not polished experience."

P90X -- short for Power 90 Extreme -- is trendy fitness system that aims to get you into better shape in 90 days through a combination of exercise and nutrition, all highly packaged, polished, and available for purchase right on your iPhone.

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Mobile Nations fitness month: Week 3! [iPad 3 + Xbox Kinect giveaway]

The quest to get thinner, stronger, faster, and healthier with iMore and Mobile Nations continues!

We've survived two whole weeks! And while some of us have faltered -- due to illness, travel, or simply the list for burgers and fries -- we've also rebounded and renewed our commitment! We're feeling better. We're looking better. And our community is doing better than ever!

It's the age of eHealth and eFitness -- or iHealth and iFitness -- where the iPhones and iPads we love have gone beyond being communications and computing tools and have started playing more and more crucial roles in all aspects of our lives. We don't just listen to music or chat on the phone while jogging anymore. We use the data our devices collect to measure our progress, motivate our activities, and manage our mobile lives.

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Dine-O-Matic review: Beautifully designed, highly focused random restaurant picker for iPhone

"Dine-O-Matic for iPhone is a gorgeously rendered, single purpose app designed to do one thing, and do it very well -- randomly pick where you should go out to eat when can't make up your own mind."

Launch Dine-O-Matic, and you're asked to tell it your favorite restaurants (or let the handy GPS feature help you quickly locate them). When you're done, or anytime thereafter, tap the plate to get your pick and watch Dine-o-Matic spin up it's FTL (food type locator) and jumps you right to a random selection. Then you can call to make a reservation, get directions, or just grab your wallet and head out to eat. That's it. That's all. You're good to go.

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Fooducate review: Best food rating app for iPhone

If you're trying to change your eating habits and eat healthier with less additives and better ingredients, Fooducate contains a wealth of information and user reviews about many of the foods we consume on a daily basis.

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Clear review: bright, bold task list manager for iPhone

"Clear is a task list app for those who don't like task list apps -- a new, gesture-based approach that's manages to be simple without being simplistic."

Clear seeks to apply new sensibilities to one of the oldest stalwarts of personal information management, the to do app. Clear does so by eschewing the user interface "chrome" of a typical iPhone app -- lots of buttons and columns, and endless amounts of tiny text to tap through -- for large lists that you swipe and push around. It also sheds a lot of features found in more expensive, more complicated "getting things done" apps, and instead focuses just on creating and managing lists. No more, no less.

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Weight Watchers Mobile review: Best diet plan app for iPhone

"Weight Watchers Mobile for iPhone makes it easier than ever to track your diet plan and make healthier food choices."

Weight Watchers Mobile is currently the best way to plan and monitor your diet on the iPhone. It gives you the ability to manage your entire Weight Watchers diet plan including tracking your points and weight, searching for restaurants and recipes, calculating point values, reading success stories to stay motivated, and more. If you're committed to not only eating better but living a healthier lifestyle, Weight Watchers not only provides excellent online tools but a great iPhone app that's with you wherever you go.

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Hundred PushUps for iPhone will help you get your upper body strength on! [Giveaway]

We're into the second week of Mobile Nations fitness month and it's time to get more serious about your strength training. If upper body strength is on your want list, Hundred PushUps is the perfect app to help get you results. It's a six week program whose ultimate goal is to get you to successfully complete 100 consecutive pushups in a row.

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Mobile Nations fitness month: Week 2! [iPad 3 + Xbox Kinect giveaway]

The quest to get thinner, stronger, faster, and healthier with iMore and Mobile Nations continues!

We've survived the first week. We've set our goals and whether we achieved them (yay!) or are still working on them (take that!), we're feeling better and doing better because of it. And we're getting tons of great feedback. This might just be the year where mobile and lifestyle fully come together, where eHealth and eFitness -- or iHealth and iFitness -- finally start making the impact we've all been waiting for. It's gone from being a token arm band case to being an entire ecosystem of highly specialized companion apps and accessories.

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Best calorie counting app for iPhone: MyFitnessPal review

"MyFitnessPal is free, a MyFitnessPal account is free, and if you're dedicated enough to stick with them, the positive effects they can have on your health are priceless."

In today’s fast paced, highly mobile society it is often much easier and cheaper to eat fast food on the go than it is to spend the time and money to east fresher, more healthy meals. MyFitnessPal wants to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle easier by helping you track your calories and activity levels, set your weight-loss goals, and monitor your progress.

Losing weight and getting healthy is not easy. It’s even harder to do alone. But if you're looking for assistance, putting the MyFitnessPal calorie tracking app on your iPhone (or iPad, it's universal), is a great way to get keep you going in the right direction, and a great goal to consider for our Mobile Nations Fitness Month.

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