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Monday Fun Video: OWLE Hacks iPhone into Near-Broadcast Quality Video Rig

Take on OWLE team, add a hack into the iPhone dock connector, and what do you get? According to TechCrunch:

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UPDATED: Palm webOS 1.2.1 Re-Hacks iTunes 9 Sync

UPDATE 2: Apple, predictably, comments to Digital Daily:

“As we’ve said before, newer versions of Apple’s iTunes software may no longer provide syncing functionality with unsupported digital media players.”

UPDATE 1: PreCentral.net is back with the low-down on how Palm re-enabled iTunes sync in webOS 1.2.1:

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Palm Re-Hacks iTunes Sync, Shows They Care More About Ego and Press Than Pre Users

Palm Pre got webOS 1.1 today and the surprise feature was that it re-hacks iTunes sync, once and for all proving Palm's new management -- in this area -- cares more about thumbing their nose at Apple and strutting in front of the press than they do about Palm and the Pre user base.

Yeah, this will be an editorial of the scathing variety. You've been warned...

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External iPhone Keyboard Hack Now 100% Jailbreak Free

Turns out all you need is an old PDA keyboard, the iPhone 2.0 SDK, and a dream. Okay, that, plus tons of smarts and hackery. Hey, at least this one isn't as hard as the previous workaround we saw. Says Ars Technica:

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From the Forums: Jailbreak Edition

As our forums keep gaining more and more members the threads just keep getting better. Here are some of the latest and greatest Jailbreak-related threads from the forums today!

The first thread is a pretty straight forward poll, are you Jailbroken or not? As of right now the amount of members Jailbroken are way ahead of those who choose not to. So what about you?

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Emoji Emoticons Enabled for All by frostyplace App!

The inimitable iJustine has tastily blog snacked about an App Store goodie named frostyplace (iTunes / $0.99), a Japanese RSS reader that by-the-way works around the iPhone's limitation of only allowing Emoji (the massive emoticon collection used in Japan that adds to smiley face things like panda bear, train station, and mountain) on it's official Japanese carrier.

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Want Japanese Emoticons? Hack Enables Them On Any iPhone 2.2

Ok, I will admit I have never heard of Emoji (“Picture Characters”) until it was announced that iPhone firmware 2.2 would support them. As it turns out, however, the only iPhones that were blessed with this feature were on Japan's SoftBank network. Until now that is...

Important Note: If you are not familiar with editing code we here at TiPb do not recommended that you try this.

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2.0.1 'Fixes' Biggest 'Bug' of all: Jailbreak and Unlock

While most of us have installed the 2.0.1 update (or, ahem, are still waiting for a backup we started last night to finish so we can install it), there's a key group of folks that should stay away: Jailbreakers and unlockers. As is always the case when a new update comes out, our advice to these users is to wait and see how the iPhone hacking community responds. Right now, according to iphone-dev , they appear to be responding with a teensy bit of bravado:

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