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HTC One M9: Can it compete with the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 debuted in September 2014 and the HTC One M9 is just about to hit the shelves, but for the next 6 months they'll be going head-to-head.

That means a lot of people are going to be comparing them and wondering which to go home with. As luck would have it, Phil Nickinson and the team at Android Central have just posted their complete HTC One M9 review. Both have great build-quality, great screen quality, and more. But they also have a lot of differences, including the differences between Android and iOS. If you're a longtime HTC owner, the One M9 might just be enough to keep you. If not, it might give you reason to switch to iPhone. Either way, here's what you need to know!

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HTC RE camera and Zoe app will support the iPhone

At an event in New York today, we never expected that HTC would be announcing news for iPhone owners, and that's exactly what's just happened. One of the new devices announced at its Double Exposure event in the Big Apple is this, the RE, and it's a camera. And it's a camera that connects to the iPhone. Oh, and it looks like a tiny periscope.

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HTC to offer free screen replacements for six months, but will that help them against the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5?

The iPhone 6 is coming. The Galaxy S5 is coming even sooner. HTC will be releasing a new flagship phone of their own — currently codenamed M8 — and while they make great devices, they've so far been crushed between the twin juggernauts of Apple and Samsung. So, HTC is trying something different — free screen replacements for 6 months. But can better service help them succeed where devices alone have not?

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Vector 16: Jessica Lessin on new Apple executives and Amazon Phones

Jessica Lessin, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, soon to be launching a new tech site, talks to Rene about Apple's new SVP of Apple Stores, Angela Ahrendts, iPhone 5c pricing, an Amazon phone, the Nest Protect, and the internet of things.

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HTC One Max gets reviewed, does its fingerprint swiper rival Touch ID?

There was much hype around Apple's fingerprint scanner – given the more consumer friendly Touch ID moniker – but now another smartphone manufacturer has brought the technology to a new device. With the launch of the new – and enormous – HTC One Max, HTC has gone down a different path to Apple and brought some different functionality as well as some similar to Touch ID. Android Central's Alex Dobie:

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Apple iPhone 5s vs. HTC One: Which phone should you get?

The iPhone 5s is the latest, greatest new handset from Apple, and while the HTC One may not be the latest Android handset on the market, by many accounts, it's still the greatest. Unlike many of its Android competitors, it has build quality to rival Apple's, including a similar penchant for aluminium, but also the very Android-like (and not very Apple-like) big screen to go with it. HTC has a reputation for pushing specs to the limit, while Apple has a reputation for pushing experience over specs. Both are fantastic, but the question is - which is the more fantastic for you?

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HTC gets - and wastes - Iron Man for an ad

I love HTC. I had a Dream/G1. I had a Nexus One. I'm dumping my Nexus 4 for an HTC One. I'd love them to be a dominant player in the future of Android, because I think they currently make the best product and would drive the best competition for Apple. However, they're struggling, badly, against Samsung right now, and this ad might, in part, exemplify why.

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Facebook announces Facebook Home for Android, HTC First for AT&T

Facebook has just finished their new Home on Android event -- see our live blog for the blow-by-blow) and... it pretty much went as expected. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg showed off their new home screen experience for Android, which he described as people-centric vs. app-centric. HTC's Peter Chou introduced the first phone that'll ship with it built-in, the AT&T-bound HTC First. Beyond that, Facebook Home will also be coming to existing Android devices.

And yeah, the HTC First hardware design outline is pretty iPhone-like, which is either conveniently consistent, or depressingly dull, depending on your point of view...

Our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central will have continuing coverage throughout the day, so keep it locked there for more.

Meantime, let me know, anything compelling enough about HTC First + Facebook Home to make you consider switching? Or does the mere idea of Facebook getting all up into your phone jammy make you run screaming from the internet?

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GDC 2013 day one

The Game Developers Conference -- GDC -- got off to a slow if dignified start yesterday. The show floor doesn't open until later in the week but the workshops are well underway, and everyone from first time developers to seasoned producers are getting together, sharing what they know, and learning from each other.

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