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CEOh-Snap: Steve Jobs Says Adobe Lazy, Flash Buggy, Google Wants to Kill iPhone, Not "Not Evil", Next iPhone A+ Update?

According to an anonymous source in attendance at Apple's recent, internal iPad town hall meeting at the Cupertino campus, Steve Jobs answered some employee questions by saying "Adobe is lazy" and that Google's "don't be evil" motto was "BS". Wired reports:

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Jobs to Mossberg: iBooks Same Price as Amazon, iPad 140hrs to Music, Save as iWork Pages as Word Doc

The godfather of tech columnists, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, got some face time with Steve Jobs at the iPad launch and Boom Town's Kara Swisher was there with the shaky cam!

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Jobs Speaks! Joz Speaks! iPhone and iPod Touch to Bring the Game!

Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, is quoted in the WSJ as being bullish on iPhone and iPod Touch gaming:

"I think the iPhone and iPod touch may emerge as really viable devices in the mobile games market this holiday season."

His VP of iPhone and iPod marketing, Greg "Joz" Joswiak, meanwhile, spoke with T3 recently about his views on the iPhone and iPod Touch in the gaming space, wrapping up strongly with:

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Jobs Speaks! One on One with

Jim Goldman over at scored a one-on-one, on camera interview with Steve Jobs, fresh off the stage from Apple's "Let's Rock" event.

Jobs chats iPods, 'natch, and after (and off-camera) joked that rumors of his ill-health were being spread by "hedge funds with a big short position in Apple." Other than that? He could stand to gain a few pounds. Maybe the stress on uber-thin products is just creating a little negative peer pressure?

Love him or hate him, Jobs is the soul of Apple, and its great to see him in action again.

Head on over to for the video...

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Cold Day in Cell: AT&T Considering iPhone Tethering?!

The trouble with Steve Jobs (or an anonymous iMinion thereof) sometimes mailing off blunt-force rejoinders to disgruntled Apple customers? The intertubes suddenly become awash in Jobsmail, making it impossible to sort the real from the decidedly not so. Case in point: a Gizmodo reader claims to have emailed Jobs about the possibility of maybe potentially one day considering tethering (allowing your computer to connect to the 'net via your iPhone's 3G or EDGE connection). The alleged response:

We agree, and are discussing it with ATT.


Sent from my iPhone

Yeah, we can has big old doubts as well...

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Updated! MobileMe Mail Down! Gmail Down! + Behind the Scenes at Apple HQ

Update: Both MobileMe and Gmail seem to be back up and running. (I had to force quit and restart it to get it functional again). Was this a DDoS attack? Brown-out in San Fran? Downtime while some changes to prevent DNS cache injection were made? The intertubes are on fire with rumors. Feel free to make up your own!

Yup, Apple's on-again, off-again MobileMe service is currently off-again, at least as far as email is concerned. Poorly planned? Ill-conceived? Just plain cursed? Probably none of the above, but it sure can't catch a break from the breakdowns, now can it?

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Steve Jobs on MobileMe: Full Email

Ars Technica's crack ninja infiltration squad somehow snuck into the Jobspod and snatched up a copy of the full email his Steveness sent out to Apple last night.


The launch of MobileMe was not our finest hour. There are several things we could have done better:

– MobileMe was simply not up to Apple's standards – it clearly needed more time and testing.

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Jobs: Mistake to Launch MobileMe on July 11

While David G. seems to have forgotten his pledge to update us on MobileMe's status late last week, following what can only be called a disasterous launch, Steve Jobs seems to have just dropped the BOOM! on MobileMe's status within Apple.

Ars Technica claims to have seen an email sent out late last night in which Jobs admits:

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iTunes 7.7 Live! 500 Apps! 90% Under $10! 25% Free! + Jobs Speaks!

Steve Jobs only speaks to the media when he has to, when he launches an iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook Air... the App Store. Here's what he just said to USA Today:

"This is the biggest launch of my career."

From the man who brought us the Apple II and the Mac? Really? That's a lot of faith in what some are calling the next major platform. And it looks like Jobs isn't taking any chances. Heck, it looks like he's positively stacking the deck:

500 Apps in the Store at launch. 450 of them under $10. 125 of them FREE.

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Jobs Speaks... Again! The Fortune Magazine Interview

What with the shareholders meeting yesterday and the SDK event tomorrow, Apple's often reclusive CEO is downright chatty this week!

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